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Sunday, July 22, 2012

President Obama and the National Debt

Negative campaign advertisements shroud solutions. 

Mud slinging media accusations are easy, but solutions take intelligence.

Accusatory political action committee (PAC) messages never offer help to people who want to understand how America got into this fiscal hole, called the national debt, or how to crawl out. 

Force feeding a message that President Obama is responsible for the national debt is like saying mountains cause avalanches or deserts cause droughts.  President Obama was elected during the Great Recession, he didn't cause the economic crises any more than a mountain causes an avalanche.  Yet, the New Majority Agenda, along with the Republican National Committee and other super-rich-super-PACs use the power of paid television advertisements to blame President Obama for the national debt. They're plain wrong.
President Obama is leading us out of the debt desert, but Republican obstructionists won't support solutions. They won't support a jobs bill or the Simpson-Bowles budget recommendations.

We can begin climbing out of the debt by forcing the US Congress to raise revenues while reducing expenses.  Simpson-Bowles is a reasonable alternative to debt, named after the two authors. They offer fiscal alternatives to growing debt.  A short list of bi-partisan Simpson-Bowles supporters is available at the Concord Coalition

Blogger Robert Bixby writes in the March 30, 2012, "The Tab-ulation":  "Sometimes it (seems) like none of our elected representatives are willing to buck their own party leaders, let alone vote for something because it’s for the good of the country, rather than serving (an) ideological purpose.  That’s why bipartisan support this week in the House to use the Simpson-Bowles commission recommendations to guide the 2013 budget was like a breath of fresh air. No, the amendment did not come close to passing, but the 38 members who broke ranks and voted aye are true heroes of fiscal responsibility. Political considerations took a backseat to doing the right thing, and we enthusiastically commend these brave men and women for stepping up and being counted."

Another alternative to helping resolve the national debt is to increase taxes on the super rich. Some of these wealthy individuals, who could pay more taxes, are the ones funding super-rich-super-PACs.  These incredibly wealthy Americans would rather pay big bucks to produce negative TV propaganda than help solve the country's debt.  

I'm mystified by Americans who don't "get" how super-rich-super-PAC contributors don't spend their wealth on negative ads without expecting something in return.  They obviously want to control Republican candidates, who they bribe with their unlimited campaign contributions, made anonymously, a freedom provided by the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling on free speech.

Although rich Governor Mitt Romney, the one term governor of Massachusetts, doesn't need bribes. What he covets is cash fuel for his high political ambitions. Romney has no plan, outside of wanting to win the 2012 election. 

Rather, Romney's austere fiscal proposals protect tax loop holes for rich people at the expense of middle class safety net programs. His campaign strategy is simple. He just keeps up those anti-Obama sound bites.  Romney never offers solutions.

President Obama did not cause the National debt.  

Negative ads are lying about the National debt.  Although paid advertisement should be monitored for truthfulness, the Citizens United ruling protects the donors to these lying messages as well as their right to lie in their messages.  

Americans have no place to turn for the truth, unless they read the fine print in unbiased news reports. Unfortunately, finding truth in political advertisements is as rare as discovering a lake in a desert.  

We need solutions, rather than propaganda, to resolve our National Debt. President Obama is an intelligent leader who offers solutions. We must re-elect President Obama to resolve the National Debt rather than put a person in his place who wants to protect the rich.



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