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Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Majority Agenda and Mad Hatters Disease

"Is a Raven like a writing desk?," asks the Hatter in one of the many entertaining Lewis Carroll quotes from "Alice in Wonderland".
Being forced to watch The New Majority Agenda's negative ads during prime TV time makes me wonder if the Hatter's confused analogies are infectious. Is The New Majority Agenda a victim of Mad Hatter Disease? "Oh my ears and whiskers!," I think the ads are even crazier than Alice's Rabbit.

Expensive propaganda ad buys by The New Majority Agenda creates ridiculous conclusions. 

"Well, I never heard it before but sounds uncommon nonsense," said Alice's Mock Turtle.

In the latest film noir style production, President Obama is blamed for the nation's growing national debt. It's another in a series of outrageously Ravenesque Mad Hatter national negative and untrue TV ads.  

The propaganda doesn't tell viewer that President George Bush 2nd (43rd) blew a balanced budget handed to him during the turnover from the Clinton administration, but he engaged Americans into two wars, plus created a new entitlement called the Medicare D benefit, without increasing taxes.  Republican policies grew the national debt, and that's the truth.

In reality, money used to pay for The New Majority Agenda's negative lie campaign could fund some of the national debt, if the wealthy ad backers, (probably the filthy rich Koch brothers) paid their fair share in taxes, rather than fund propaganda.

But we can't know who the real wealthy buyers are because they're protected by the Citizens United Supreme Court free speech ruling. In other words, it's legal for money to buy lies.

It's makes as much sense as the Mock Turtle's definition of the different branches of arithmetic,"...Ambition, Distraction, Uglification and Derision".  

What would Alice say?  Well, "I think I should understand that better, if I had it written down, but I can't quite follow it as you say."

Here is real arithmetic:
When Republicans started wars, that's Addition.
When Republicans created a new entitlement under Medicare without providing revenue, that's Addition.
When Republicans obstruct all attempts to raise revenue through tax reform, that's Subtraction.

To claim, through propaganda advertising, that President Obama's administration has grown the national debt is as inaccurate as Distraction and Derision.

Rather, President Obama inherited was a hole as deep as the Mad Hatters subterranean home.

Mad Hatter's Disease describes the symptoms associated with mercury poisoning, an occupational hazard of those who once worked in the hat-making industry.  One symptom is hallucinations.  

Although Mad Hatter's Diseases isn't supposed to be contagious, the unfortunate occupational exposure causing the symptoms were described long before television existed. Maybe television has revived the Mad Hatters Disease bacterial spore.

The New Majority Agenda spread lies like people with Mad Hatters Disease create hallucinations.

Americans need an antidote.  We need relief from the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, so truth can be the antiseptic to cure the propaganda. 

Meanwhile, we must remove those Uglification New Majority Agenda lies from our media. 

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