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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bachmann and Limbaugh Cacophony

A medical grand rounds for health care professionals might find plenty of clinical issues to discuss in the self centered personalities of Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Bachmann.

Rush Limbaugh is a right wing radio talk syndicated Don, who creates news while spewing venomous commentary. His female counterpart, in the political world, is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. They are masters of headline making cacophony, creating hoots, cackles and wails about tangential issues, just to be sure their names make headline news. Each of them should be in a narcissism recovery program. Both thrive on erotic self gratification, regardless of how their relentless egotistic pursuits harm others.

Although painful, let's resurrect the horrible incident where Limbaugh inappropriately blasted a young Georgetown University law student who exercised her right to free speech when testifying before Congress about women's reproductive rights. Limbaugh blasted the student with the equivalent of broadcast voyeurism by questioning what form of birth control she personally used to prevent pregnancy?  Well, that's not entirely what Limbaugh really said about the young lady. It's just my way of reporting what Limbaugh said, because his descriptive language should, in fact, be considered blog pornography. In other words, it was disgusting. But, in blaspheming the law student and her message, Limbaugh got his name in the news. That's important to narcissists. They must create cacophony or they get depressed. (I believe Limbaugh has alluded to being treated for depression while in drug addiction recovery. Obviously, we can't know if narcissism is a co-occuring Limbaugh disorder, because his confidentiality is compromised if anyone discloses his health records.)

So, it turns out Limbaugh hasn't made his own news during the recent media questioning of Governor Mitt Romney's

reluctance to release tax records, like his father George did, in 1968, when he ran for president.  Rather than respond to this important issue with productive radio commentary, Limbaugh, instead, came up with a preposterous concept about how the 2012 "Batman" summer hit movie created a villain named "Bane", being a tangential reference to Romney's nemeses "Bain Capital".  Under the rubric, "I can't make this stuff up", this ludicrous association defies even Roschach analysis.

Narcissists have a cunning ability to keep their issues ahead of all others, regardless of the topic on the table. It's a limelight character trait they don't often share. But, whoa! Move aside, Limbaugh, because the company you keep in your delusional thinking is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

Bachmann fell off her narcissism recovery plan when she lost the limelight after the Supreme Court's ruling about Health Care Reform.  I suspect former US Presidential candidate Bachmann  stayed up all night, before the Chief Justice Roberts ruling on the law, writing her own speech to the media, prepared in response to what she expected to be the Court striking down President Obama's signature accomplishment, the Health Care Reform or Affordable Care Act.  Instead, Chief Justice Roberts upheld the law and Bachmann had to trash her speech.  So, it's possible Ms. Bachmann clinically de-compensated. Her out of control symptoms include delusional thinking.  Now, she's creating harmful headlines by accusing Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin of being associated with the dark group called the Muslim Brotherhood.  

Worse, Bachmann found four zealous colleagues to join her in this weirdly slanderous accusation.  Ms. Bachmann has no evidence, outside of self centered thinking, to support this claim she seemed to pull out of nowhere. Clinically speaking, narcissists seldom, if ever, consider the misguided sources or consequences of their delusional thinking.  Yet, if Bachmann's mental unreasoning capacity isn't enough to cause alarm, focus on the credibility breach Bachmann potentially opens when considering her position on the US House Intelligence Committee, whereby anything she says can be misinterpreted as "inside information".  Bachmann's conjured up lies are a reason for her to be removed from this committee. 

Why would Bachmann create such a terrible claim against an aide to Secretary Clinton? Well, I can conjure up my own thoughts about motive.  Bachmann gratifies herself as believing she can be the first woman US President. When Bachmann looks into her narcissistic mirror, however, she sees, instead, Madame Secretary Hilary Rodham Clinton taking her place.  Well, I don't want to contribute to Ms. Bachmann's delusional thinking, but given her tangential and ambitious ideation, anything is possible.

Unfortunately, Bachmann and Limbaugh create a cacophony of misinformation during a time of highly partisan political discourse.  Confusion stirred by their delusional comments causes many Americans to become even more anxious about government and those who are in charge of our national security.

Tragically, delusional cacophony duos may even have contributed to other tangential actions (perhaps the murder of over a dozen innocent people in an Aurora Colorado movie theater by a deranged suspect dressed like the evil Bane character in "Batman". Although we don't know the murder's motive, we do know Limbaugh brought the character to national attention).

Bachmann and Limbaugh need mufflers.  We need protection from the harm of cacophony caused hearing impairment, or possibly, worse damage, by deranged people, during a time when sensible political issues should be discussed.




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