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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Majority Agenda and Freeport Illinois 

The New Majority Agenda spends mega-millions promoting propaganda, lying about President Obama's administration, but the wealthy group funding the negative TV ads overlook truth, as in the true story about Freeport, Illinois.

"...The city council of Freeport, Ill., approved a resolution Monday evening that will call on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to step in and save roughly 170 local jobs being outsourced by a company owned by Bain Capital."  (Huffington Post link above)

"Last year, Massachusetts-based Sensata Technologies announced that it was closing its Freeport plant by the end of 2012 and shipping the jobs to China. The U.S. positions, the company claimed, would be phased out gradually. Sensata Technologies makes sensors and controls that are used in aircraft and automobiles."

This timely jobs story is conveniently overlooked by vitriolic Fox News, but gained national media attention by Huffington and The Ed Show.

If The New Majority Agenda has any honorable intentions whatsoever, the Political Action Committee paying for the anti-Obama ads would be telling the Freeport Illinois- Sensata story. This is a real story, told by people who have no place to go when Sensata closes out their jobs.  Even more weird, Sensata wants the soon to be let go employees to train their Chinese counterparts in how to do their job tasks!

Of course, The New Majority Agenda has sinister intentions. Anonymous rich donors contribute to the clandestine PAC, to spread lies on video tape, creating negative buzz about President Obama.  Like flashbacks from the novel "1984",  The New Majority Agenda creates myths without any opportunity for truth to counter the expensive lies.  In fact, The US Supreme Court cleared the way for PAC lying, in the Citizens United ruling giving corporations the same free speech rights as humans. 

But, 170 middle class workers in Freeport, Illinois have no such PAC in their town to cover their plight.  So, the town government came to the rescue and took the desperate situation right to the source of the problem, ie, Bain Capital. Yes, it's the same Bain Capital Venture Capitalist firm where Republican Mitt Romney was once the Chief Executive Officer.

Americans need to understand Bain Capital arithmetic.  It goes like this:

Bain Capital buys companies. Bain Capital subtracts costs required to operate the company by cutting expenses, especially focused on reducing employees. Bain Capital sells off assets of the company that brings a return on investment for the entrepreneurs who share in the profits of the venture capitalistic initiative. Profits from the sales are invested in off shore tax free havens.  

Workers in Freeport, Illinois asked President Obama and Governor Romney to debate the Sensata closing in their town. More important, the employees who will soon be laid off without an intervention to save their jobs want Governor Romney to use his influence to call off the Sensata sale to China.

If The New Majority Agenda intends to live up to its PAC name, the rich funders of the negative ads should put their money into helping Sensata employees and others who need financial help, rather than wasting resources spreading lies. 



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