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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romney and Presidential Truthfulness

Romney must be truthful to the American people.  By his arrogance, he isn't releasing all his tax information, just because he doesn't want to defend his amazing wealth, or where it came from. This reticence needs to be examined for what this secrecy says about Romney's inability to be truthful. Even Romney's Republican allies are increasing pressure for more disclosure.

Was there advance notice to Americans when past US President's lied to us?  Let's dust off video tapes of President Nixon, who said, "I am not a crook".  It turns out, Nixon turned a blind eye to crooks who worked on his behalf, by ignoring the Watergate Hotel break in by a group of sleazy political spies- it cost him his Presidency. Prior to this watershed illegal incident, President Nixon had long been suspected of being untruthful to the American people, but he was caught blindsided by Watergate, causing a national crises.

How about Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed in Iraq? Not a shred of evidence came forth about WOMD, but 4,486 American military lost their lives defending our nation against a mythical threat.  Even worse, the lie continued when President George Bush II (43) prematurely declared "Mission Accomplished", after dictator Saddam was toppled, but 4,347 more American deaths followed his brazen announcement.

Bush 43 led those lies about WOMD and falsely declared "Mission Accomplished" because he wanted to kill Saddam, who had plotted to assassinate his father, Bush 41.  Curious, how George Bush II often spoke about how much he read the Bible, but he must have skipped over the part in Roman's 12:19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.

Now we have candidate Governor Mitt Romney, who says he can be a better US leader than our current President Barack Obama.  But where's his truthfulness?  If Romney can't produce tax returns to demonstrate good faith truthfulness to the American people about his wealth, then why should voters hire him to replace our current President?  Of course, the answer is, we shouldn't.  

Although Romney's super-wealthy status certainly doesn't disqualify him as a US president, his willingness to  hide the truth about the sources of his wealth, in the face of bi-partisan calls for disclosure, creates questions about his competency to lead.  

Romney claims he's better qualified to lead Americans into a faster economic recovery than the current president.  But the concept of confidence is a huge component of any economic system.  We'll find ourselves in a regressive time warp, like the Watergate days, if our nation becomes embroiled in a potential Romney administration's inability to be truthful. We'll return to the daunting days when politics froze on every undisclosed detail about what President Nixon knew about the Watergate break in, and when he knew it.

Americans must demand truthfulness from our leaders.  This Ten Commandments quality is as important to leadership as having business experience.  After all, who wants to do business with companies where the products are misrepresented?  We'll be poorly served by an untruthful president, and Romney is clearly demonstrating his inability to be forthcoming.

Romney's management style as a potential president is out there for evaluation. He's giving us plenty of advance notice about how a potential Romney administration will run our nation - and truthfulness appears to have been pushed aside. Americans will not tolerate another Watergate or Iraq era filled with lies.



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