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Monday, July 16, 2012

New Majority Agenda and Prestidigitation

Dear New Majority Agenda, please help Americans understand how Bain Capital's Chief Executive Officer Mitt Romney signed Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) Documents when, by his own admission, he had left the company, or was on a leave of absence or some other magical prestidigitation of corporate structuring? If he was on a leave of absence, why was he paid? If his leave of absence was agreed to because he ran the Olympics, please find out if he was paid twice - both by the Olympics and by Bain?

By the way, has the media asked how much total money is wasted on buying those currently running New Majority Agenda national negative political ads? Sponsors of these ads appear to have magical access to money. Maybe these money supporters can use their affluence to help inform voters, rather than subject us to the sleight of hand negative ads they're buying like glutenous Romans at an orgy.

We can't know if the filthy rich Koch Brothers are funding this series of myths under the Political Action Committee (PAC) name of The New Majority Agenda, because sponsors of the propaganda are protected from disclosure by the Supreme Court's Citizens United Ruling providing for free speech.

But, let's pretend The New Majority Agenda is a crystal ball, rather than a political action committee. Can we pretend to gaze into this mystical abyss and ask how it is Mitt Romney gets away with not disclosing as many years of tax returns as other presidential candidates have done over the past 30 years?

It's entirely possible Romney's tax returns will disclose the man behind the curtain, if it turns out he really was Bain Capital's CEO, when he says he wasn't, because his tax returns will absolutely reveal his income sources.

Therefore, dear New Majority Agenda Wizards of Oz, it would be wonderful if you could use your considerable funds to help Americans understand Mitt Romney's wealth, rather than pour money into negative advertisements, inventing myths, with no credibility behind the messages.

For example, it's simply not true that romping children who are 11 years old can't find jobs...."hello!", there are child labor laws. Another example, it's not true that President Obama is responsible for the growing national debt when Republicans have cast aside the Simpson-Bowles recommendations and killed job creating legislation. Indeed, unemployment isn't caused by President Obama's administration, when those seeking jobs without success are largely white collar workers who were victims of corporate downsizing, which has increased the profit margins for many corporations.

Litanies of The New Majority Agenda myths are expensive political magic acts, creating the aura of a President who is somehow responsible for all economic woes. Meanwhile, in the absence of tax reforms, as in Simpson-Bowles, many wealthy Americans are getting much richer while the middle class picks up the tab for running government.

If The New Majority Agenda wants Americans to understand who to vote for in the 2012 Presidential Election, the hooded supporters should put their money into disclosing the truth behind Mitt Romney's off shore mega investments and where he receives his considerable wealth.

Certainly, if Romney's time at Bain Capital was legal and clearly documented, then The New Majority Agenda can claim credit for revealing truth, rather than continuing the prestidigitation of deceiving American voters with lies on videotape.



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