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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Republican National Committee and New Majority Agenda - Dual Negativity Against a Progressive Agenda

Now President Obama has two groups running negative TV advertisements against him, at the same time.
Obama is running for re-election as President against Republican National Committee and New Majority Agenda ads, running nearly back to back. Obama's response must be equal in its impact.

Both well funded negative groups are creating a synergistic attack, meaning each potent TV ad increases the lethal lying impact of the other. It's no wonder Obama's re-election campaign is going deep early on for the facts on Romney's job outsourcing history at Bain Capital and his lack of credibility in not releasing more than 2 years of tax returns. In the face of being out numbered on television and outspent by opponents, the President must forcefully and definitively respond. To do otherwise will give this year's election away to right wing extremists who want to force regressive tax and social policies against our nation under the smokescreen banner of freedom.

Right wing T-Party extremists ignore freedoms from fear of want and financial insecurity. Rather, their concept of freedom seems limited to second amendment gun rights, before all others. Among the freedoms that come and go on their radical right wing list, voting rights appear to be expendable.

A currently running Republican National Committee ad softly tells voters how it's okay to elect change in our nation's leadership. In other words, President Obama is a nice man but let's not re-elect him because, after all, the entire US deficit is his fault.

This ridiculous deficit premise ignores the history of our national debt, a financial condition that coincides with all our nation's wars, beginning with the War of Independence. President Obama inherited a national debt grown by the Republican Bush administration's two unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while creating a new entitlement program called the Medicare D drug benefit.

An ad by the Republican National Committee targets Independent voters who are undecided about voting for President Obama, but apparently like him personally as being a good family man.

For President Obama to win re-election and save the nation's progressive agenda, he must go on the offense and keep up relentless pressure against the dual barrage of negative ads. These ads will obviously grow in number and intensity. Therefore, it's essential for President Obama to stand firm by pushing back with facts about Republican Romney's outsourcing business history at Bain Capital and his mystifying tax status reticence.

Nonetheless, polarizing negative messages won't improve the nation's economic condition. There's no Republican plan to improve the nation's economy. Cutting taxes, like Republicans tout to improve the economy, will only improve the economic condition of rich people while cutting middle class safety nets.

A shallow economic recovery plan reliant on tax cutting is especially weird, considering it was the Bush Republican wars and entitlement expansion that spiraled the national debt out of control.

Of course, a political re-election strategy can't be totally dependent on Romney's business and tax history.

Given the pressure of unlimited money and the resulting synergistic efforts in place to defeat him, President Obama must divide the Republican party by raising legitimate questions about Governor Romney's competency to run the nation.

In his rebuttal to Republican lies, President Obama must take no prisoners. He must forcefully respond.



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