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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Saturday Night Live - a new way to enjoy "suspense"

Sorry to be dating my media experience to the height of the radio broadcasting era. Nevertheless, I indulge recalling how much my family enjoyed clustering around our "box" to listen with anticipaton to the latest episode of the "Suspense!", weekly story broadcast.

Obviously, "Suspense" was a mystery plot.  Now, the enduring comedy of Saturday Night Live has created a satirical scenario out of the concept of "Suspense", the mirror impact of the old radio plots. In other words, every Saturday night (Live!), the television audiences are watching "in suspense', wondering how clever the show's writers and cast will be in their re-enactments of the previous week's political news.

October 24, 2016, 09:03 am
Tom Hanks says: Trump's 'suspense' comment a 'gift' for 'SNL'
By Rebecca Savransky in The Hill

Actor Tom Hanks on Monday, praised Donald Trump's answer during the 3rd presidential debate of 2016, about whether he would accept the election result as a "gift" for "Saturday Night Live."

"Wednesday night. We're watching the debate on the 17th floor of Thirty Rock. The entire building is shut down, everybody is locked on to monitors," Hanks said.
Image result for tom hanks
Tom Hanks played the moderator Chris Wallace on SNL mock of 3rd presidential debate between Clinton and Trump

"And for 90 minutes, we're going, 'Hey, that's good. 'We could use that,' " Hanks continued.

"And we think, 'Hey, we've done pretty good.' And then, in the last 30 seconds, a gift unto, 'I'll keep you in suspense. I'll let you know the day.' I said, 'Holy cow, this is the high country. They were happy up there.' "

During the 3rd presidential debate, the Republican nominee (Trump) refused to say whether he'd accept the result of the presidential election. 
Instead, he would "look at it at the time."

"The media is so dishonest and so corrupt and the pile on is so amazing, The New York Times wrote an article about it. They don’t even care, it's so dishonest. They’ve poisoned the minds of the voters, but unfortunately for them, I think the voters are seeing through it," Trump said.

Trump said he’ll keep Americans in "suspense" as to whether he'd accept the result of the election.

Hanks played moderator Chris Wallace in the show's spoof of the third debate in the SNL skit.

When asked in the spoof of the debate if he would accept the results of the election, the actor playing Trump said: "I will look at it at the time, because frankly, this whole thing is rigged.

"Even the media, everyday I turn on the news and all of the newscasters are making me look so bad."

"And how are we doing that?" Hanks asked.

"By taking all of the things I say, and all of the things I do, and putting them on TV," the character playing Trump responded.

Tom Hanks mocks Trump supporters in 'SNL' skit

Image result for laughing graphic

"Suspense" isn't supposed to be so funny!

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Still laughing at Andy Borowitz and the Donald Trump poll

Donald Trump doesn't have to pay much for this polling data!

By Andy Borowitz , OCTOBER 24, 2016

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Donald Trump surged ahead of Hillary Clinton in a new poll conducted by Trump’s brain.
Image result for brain graphic
Brain pollster must be cheap, ya think?

The poll, taken after Trump’s brain perceived that he demolished Clinton in the third and final Presidential debate, shows him ahead of Clinton, sixty-four per cent to thirty-one per cent.

In a sign that his criticism of Clinton has been just fantastic, a majority of imaginary voters in Trump’s head agree that she is a “nasty woman,” with more than seventy per cent calling her “crooked,” “sad,” and a “disgrace.”

In more incredibly amazing good news for the G.O.P. nominee, Trump’s brain reports that his standing with women has markedly improved, with ninety per cent calling him “extremely handsome” and “sexy.”

According to Trump’s brain, the poll has no margin of error, absolutely none, it’s a tremendous poll, you just can’t believe how great this poll is.

(Where will Trump and his pollster be hiding out on November 8th? Just askin'?)

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Democrats must vote- insightful essay highlights by Milo Beckman

Teen Harvard prodigy makes brilliant closing argument for Hillary Clinton  from

By Peter Daou |OCTOBER 23, 2016
Milo Beckman
Closing in on the 2016 election, 19-year-old Milo Beckman pens an insightful and well-argued essay about why the left should vote for Hillary Clinton. But his point isn't just about the left; it's about the qualities that would make Clinton an exceptional president.

The NY Daily News described Milo Beckman as a “genuine genius.” He attended Harvard at 15 and constructs crossword puzzles for the New York Times.

Beckman took to Medium to explain his strong support for Hillary Clinton and to address the misgivings of some of his peers.

He writes a brilliant closing argument for the woman who is poised to shatter a 227-year barrier.

Beckman begins: I consider myself to the left of Sanders on nearly all domestic issues, and I lean heavily towards non-intervention in foreign affairs, particularly in the Middle East.

I voted for Clinton not to preserve the center-left establishment, but because I believe she’s the single person best positioned to co-opt the existing institutional framework and advance my values in the world.

He continues:
If we play our cards right, historians will remember the sixteen years from 2009 to 2025 as a period of profound change in American society. That change will be largely credited to two outsize personalities — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — and their progressive coalition of young voters, people of color, and urban whites with college degrees.

Then this powerful point:
Did you know that in 1974 she wrote an article for the Harvard Educational Review called “Children Under the Law” which is one of the most widely-cited works on children’s rights? It’s not exactly the most thrilling piece of election news, sure. But based just on her legal writing and tenure at the Children’s Defense Fund, historian Garry Wills called her in 1992 “one of the more important scholar-activists of the last two decades.”

This is who Hillary Clinton is: a gifted political theorist with an activism kick. Which is why it drives me crazy when some guy at a party tells me (and yes, it always seems to be a guy) exactly what she did wrong in X country and what she clearly should’ve done. Well, gosh, if only you’d been Secretary of State instead! If only she’d heard your three-sentence criticism, she might have recognized her folly!

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) she salvaged from the failed health bill cut the uninsured rate for children in half, mostly by covering children of color who were previously uninsured. The Clinton Foundation has provided low-cost HIV/AIDS medication to over 9 million people, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. And on a smaller scale, her decision to join the Children’s Defense Fund out of college, her work providing legal assistance to Arkansas’s (largely black) poor, her undercover investigation of a segregated school — all this points to a consistent pattern of providing effective help to those who need it most.

You don’t need to consider Hillary Clinton to be a role model to see that she is an extremely powerful ally.

It’s an inconvenient reality that for every MLK you also need an LBJ — someone who knows the gears and levers of Washington inside and out, who collects notes from hundreds of meetings with activists and academics and turns them into policy, who builds coalitions and woos opponents, who sits at the damn desk and signs the damn bill.

(Secretary Hillary Clinton is qualified to lead the free world. Period!)

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Donald Trump and Governor Pat McCrory

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is desperate to talk about his economic achievements after a year mired in contentious debate over social issues, including the state’s transgender “bathroom law.” Politico reports by Elena Schneider
NC- GOP Governor McCrory should've known better! (Remember when Negroes saw discriminatory bathroom signs?)

The only problem? Donald Trump keeps coming to town and telling voters how terrible the economy is. (Hello?)

It’s the most glaring example this year of the disconnect between Trump’s apocalyptic rhetoric and the message of achievement that many Republican incumbents are trying to use to win reelection. It has been known to happen before — there was reportedly friction between affable Mitt Romney’s campaign and some recovery-touting GOP governors in 2012. But the gap between McCrory’s “Carolina Comeback” theme and Trump’s doom-and-gloom assessments yawns particularly wide, as McCrory faces the toughest reelection challenge of any governor in the country in 2016.

“It’s always tricky when you’ve got a governor running on a positive record of accomplishment and then to have the national political environment be so negative,” said Robert Blizzard, a Republican pollster. “Voters hear mixed messages from members of the same party, and all that serves to do is confuse voters. That problem is just further exacerbated this cycle by Trump.”

McCrory’s TV ads open with text promising “the truth about North Carolina’s economy” before McCrory touts “one of the fastest-growing economies in the country,” one in which thousands of new jobs are announced “every month.” Yet earlier this month, Trump told attendees at a raucous rally in Greensboro that only under a Trump presidency would their “jobs come back” and “income go up.”

“Your companies won’t be leaving our country under a Trump administration, they’ll be staying right here,” said the GOP presidential nominee. “And believe me, there are plenty of them right now negotiating to leave, I hate to tell you that.”

McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper, the state attorney general, have been locked in a close contest for months, with Cooper leading more polls but McCrory tightening things up in October.

Ricky Diaz, a McCrory spokesman, pushed back on the notion of a disconnect or conflicting messaging among Republicans in North Carolina.

“Voters see their federal tax bill and they see their state tax bill,” Diaz said. “We trust that voters can make the distinction between federal issues and state issues.”

But most Republican operatives said that Trump does McCrory no favors by harping on economic woes withoutciting the state’s successes, as it could further depress turnout in an already volatile political environment.

“What Trump would add to McCrory are voters who were already probably going to vote for Trump and McCrory,” said one national operative who works on governors' races. “But the rhetoric isn’t helpful. If voters hear a mixed message, it could keep them at home on Election Day.”

Trump’s negativity on the stump compounds the feeling that the state is on the wrong track, said Carter Wrenn, a local Republican consultant. He pointed to polling that says voters are not personally feeling an economic turnaround in their lives, so Trump’s comments “complicate McCrory’s life,” Wrenn said, because he believes voters “don’t separate North Carolina from the national message.”

In a WRAL/Survey USA poll released earlier this month, 29 percent of voters said they were worse off economically than they were four years ago, and 41 percent said their economic situations were the same. Only a quarter felt their economic well-being had improved.

“North Carolina voters don’t think their taxes are lower, even though they are, and they don’t believe teachers got a raise, even though they did. They’re not believing the messages,” said a Republican North Carolina operative who frequently polls the state. “That’s not entirely Trump’s fault, but he sucks the oxygen out of McCrory's message. I don’t think voters can hear all the negativity on the national level and believe the state has turned around.”

Cooper’s campaign capitalized on that feeling early, putting out an ad in August that asked voters to “raise your hand if your taxes have gone up, while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break,” flashing images of voters raising their hands.

“And raise your hand if you’re working more for less.”

Jumbled economic messaging also signals a “lack of coordination between Trump and the top-tier races in the country,” said a Republican consultant who works on governors' races. Indeed, while Democratic elected officials have fanned across the country for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in recent weeks, and down-ballot candidates have opened for her at rallies, there is much less of that happening on the GOP side.

The consultant added that Trump is “not part of the Republican team” by putting “the governor in the tough position of having a presidential nominee criticizing your successful economic record, and that’s certainly not helpful to Pat.”

That’s especially true given McCrory’s huge effort to make his race about jobs and taxes instead of bathrooms.

A High Point University poll in late September found that 60 percent of voters said it was more important to end House Bill 2’s economic impact than to enforce the law.

“McCrory’s message just doesn’t ring true with people because he’s got to face all the headlines around HB2, all the job losses from companies leaving and losing sporting events,” said Gary Pearce, a Democratic consultant in the state. “He’s singing the wrong key.”

Out on the campaign trail, GOP Sen. Richard Burr touted McCrory’s economic achievements at a Republican women’s luncheon in Pinehurst this month. But he acknowledged in an interview that HB2 “may be suffocating to [McCrory’s] campaign.”

“If people judge Pat McCrory on what he’s done, he’ll be reelected,” Burr said. 

“If they’ve formed an opinion, all out of salt, over a transgender bathroom issue, not on the jobs he’s created and the prosperity people have felt from it, that’s a shame, because he probably deserves to be reelected more than any other governor in the country.”

(You know what, Senator Burr? A political leader should know better than to step into a bathroom brawl. Governor McCrory is an embarrassment. North Carolina's recovery happened because of prudent federal economic rescue efforts- including saving the international banking industries.)

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Donald Trump supporters must examine their motivation

It makes no sense to me how any Americans can still support Donald Trump to lead the free world when he has blatantly disrespected so many millions of his fellow Americans.

Hopefully, Trump supporters are finally able to figure out how damaging his unhinged anger would be for our nation and the free world.

Donald Trump has insulted the following groups:

1. Mexicans
2. Hispanics (Alicia Machado)
3. Women (fat pigs- Megyn Kelly)
4.  His wife the beautiful Melania - sexual assault charges x 14 (not even including his first wife Ivana's accusations and formal charges)
5.  Muslims
6.  Mr. and Mrs. Khan- Gold Star Parents
7.  Catholics (Al Smith Dinner)
8.  Maine Stream Media 
9.  National Secretaries of State- "rigged elections"
10. US military generals "I know more than the generals"

So, I ask you?  Who is left who intend to vote for Donald Trump?
Unfotunately, there are too many "huge" signs cluttering the American roads in support of Donald Trump.  To me, those signs are like seeing burning crosses remnants of the KuKluxKlan rallies during their racist reign of terror.

ABC Tracking Poll: Clinton Surges to Double Digits Over Trump- this is a very reliable poll with a large sample population and a margin of error under 4 percent.  
Likely voters give the Democratic presidential nominee a sizeable lead over Republican rival Donald Trump by a 50 to 38 percent margin.
Clinton Vaults to a Double-Digit Lead, Boosted by Broad Disapproval of Trump (POLL)
Clinton Kaine Campaign Yard Sign
This new 2016 ABC News tracking poll of 1,391 adults, including 874 likely voters, was conducted Thursday through Saturday. Its margin of error is 3.5 percent.

"Likely voters by a vast 69-24 percent disapprove of Trump’s response to questions about his treatment of women. After a series of allegations of past sexual misconduct, (not including those made by his first wife Ivana) the poll finds that some women who’d initially given him the benefit of the doubt have since moved away," ABC reports. "Fifty-nine percent of likely voters, moreover, reject Trump’s suggestion that the election is rigged in Clinton’s favor, and more, 65 percent, disapprove of his refusal to say whether he’d accept a Clinton victory as legitimate. Most strongly disapprove, a relatively rare result."

At this point, voters who still support Donald Trump have a lot of explaining to do when future generations ask them "what were you thinking?".

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Transcript- Hillary Clinton speaks at Cardinal Dolan charity

Image result
Al Smith (1873-1944) a statesman who was elected Governor of New York four times and was the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate in 1928.  An annual charity dinner to benefit Catholic Charities is hosted in his honor.

Secretary Clinton transcript: Thank you. 
Your Eminence, Your Excellencies, members of the clergy, Al and Nan Smith, Donald and Melania, and all the distinguished guests.

You know, earlier tonight, Al reminded me that when the first Al Smith ran for president, he chose as his running mate the progressive senator from Arkansas, Joseph T. Robinson, who was one of my husband’s political heroes.

This work that you do through the dinner — Al, you’ve done it now for 30 — 30 years — is such a labor of love. You’ve been a hero for both the children of the archdiocese and for the city of New York. And I think we all owe Al Smith a great, great round of applause.
This is such a special event that I took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here.
And as you’ve already heard, it’s a treat for all of you too, because usually I charge a lot for speeches like this.
But, for me, it was kind of ironic thinking about a fiery populist, Al Smith. If he were here today and saw how much money we’ve raised for needy children, he’d be very proud.
And if he saw this magnificent room, full of plutocrats celebrating his legacy, he’d be very confused.
It’s a special honor to be here with Your Eminence. Now I know, Your Eminence, you were criticized for inviting both Donald and me here tonight, and you responded by saying “If I only sat down with those who were saints, I’d be taking all my meals alone.”
Now, just to be clear, I think the Cardinal is saying I’m not eligible for sainthood. But getting through these three debates with Donald has to count as a miracle.
So I guess I’m up against the highest, hardest stained-glass ceiling.
(LAUGHTER) But, Your Eminence, you deserve great credit for bringing together two people who’ve been at each other’s throats — mortal enemies, bitter foes; I’ve got to ask, how did you get the governor and mayor here together tonight?

Now, I’ve got to say, there are a lot of friendly faces here in this room; people that I’ve been privileged to know and to work with. I just want to put you all in a basket of adorables.
And you look so good in your tuxes; or, as I refer to them, formal pantsuits.
And, you know, because this is a friendly dinner for such a great cause; Donald, if at any time, you don’t like what I’m saying feel free to stand up and shout “Wrong!” while I’m talking.
You know, come to think of it, it’s amazing I’m up here after Donald. I didn’t think he’d be okay with a peaceful transition of power.
And, Donald, after listening to your speech, I will also enjoy listening to Mike Pence deny that you ever gave it.
You know, I’ve had the privilege of being at the Al Smith dinners in years past and I always enjoy it. But, remember, if you’re not happy with the way it comes out, it must be rigged.
And it’s always a special treat for me to be back in New York; a city that I love and which I think truly embodies the best of America. You know — don’t you think?
People look at the Statue of Liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for people around the world. Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a “four.”
Maybe a “five” if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.
You know, come to think of it, you know what would be a good number for a woman? Forty-five.
But I digress. Now, I’m going to try my best tonight, but I understand I am not known for my sense of humor. That’s why it did take a village to write these jokes.
People say — and I hear them, I know — they say I’m boring compared to Donald. But I’m not boring at all. In fact, I’m the life of every party I attend and I’ve been to three.
And when the parties get out of hand, as occasionally they do, it’s important to have a responsible chaperone who can get everyone home safely. And that is why I picked Tim Kaine to be my Vice President.
Now, you notice there is no teleprompter here tonight, which is probably smart, because maybe you saw Donald dismantle his prompter the other day. And I get that. They’re hard to keep up with, and I’m sure it’s even harder when you’re translating from the original Russian.
But every year, this dinner brings together a collection of sensible, committed, mainstream Republicans — or, as we now like to call them — Hillary supporters.
Now, some of my critics — and I hear that too —
They think I only say what people want to hear. Well, tonight, that is true. And here’s exactly what you want to hear — this election will be over very, very soon.
And look at this dais — we’ve got Charlie Rose, and Maria Bartiromo, and Chris Matthews, and Gayle King, and Nora O’Donnell, and Katie Couric — this counts as a press conference, right?
It is great, also, to see Mayor Bloomberg here.
It’s a shame he’s not speaking tonight. I’m curious to hear what a billionaire has to say.
And look — we’ve got the Honorable Chuck Schumer, the Honorable Andrew Cuomo, the Honorable Mike Bloomberg, the Honorable Bill DeBlasio, the Honorable Dave Dinkins, and so many other wonderful elected officials. 

And we have Rudy Giuliani.
Now, many don’t know this, but Rudy actually got his start as a prosecutor going after wealthy New Yorkers who avoided paying taxes. But, as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, go on Fox News and call them a genius.”
So as I’ve said, we’ve now had our third and, thankfully, final debate. Sharing a stage with Donald Trump is like, well, nothing really comes to mind.
There is nothing like sharing a stage with Donald Trump. Donald wanted me drug tested before last night’s debate. And look, I’ve got to tell you, I am so flattered that Donald thought I used some sort of performance enhancer.
Now, actually, I did. It’s called preparation.
And looking back, I’ve had to listen to Donald for three full debates. And he says I don’t have any stamina.
That is four and a half hours. I have now stood next to Donald Trump longer than any of his campaign managers.
(LAUGHTER) Now, look, I have deep respect for people like Kellyanne Conway. She’s working day and night for Donald and because she’s a contractor, he’s probably not even going to pay her.
But I think the good news is that the debates finally allowed Republicans to unite around their candidate. The bad news is, it’s Mike Pence. And it’s been a long, long campaign. That should be one of our highest priorities, shortening the campaigns.
And whoever wins this election, the outcome will be historic. We’ll either have the first female president or the first president who started a Twitter war with Cher.
And if Donald does win, it will be awkward at the annual President’s Day photo, when all the former presidents gather at the White House, but not with Bill.
How is Barack going to get past the Muslim ban?
Now, Republicans in particular seem frustrated with their nominee. Paul Ryan told the Republican members of the House, you — you don’t have to support the top of the ticket. Don’t worry about anyone besides yourself. Just do what’s in your own best interests. So I guess Donald really has unified his party around his core philosophy.

And I don’t understand their unhappiness. They say Donald doesn’t have any polit-cies (sic). He has no policies. I keep hearing that.

I’d actually like to defend him on this. Donald has issues, serious issues.
Really, really serious issues.
And I worry about Donald’s go it alone attitude. For example, at his convention, when he said I alone can fix it, you know, in the ’90s, I said the same thing about America’s health care system and it didn’t work out so well for me, either.

But speaking of health, Donald has been very concerned about mine, very concerned. He actually sent a car to bring me here tonight. Actually, it was a hearse.

But I — but I kind of want to just put the information out there, so everybody can draw their own conclusions and you can judge our relative health. We’ve each released our medical records. My blood pressure is 100/70. His is unbelievably great.
My cholesterol is 189, his is presidential.
My heart rate is 72 beats per minute, his is the most beats ever, or the least beats ever, whichever sounds best.
But Donald really is as healthy as a horse, you know, the one Vladimir Putin rides around on.
But — but I can say without fear of contradiction tonight, that I will be the healthiest and youngest woman ever to serve as president.
But this has really been a strange campaign. You saw it last night. You saw it again tonight. Donald has attacked me for a life in public service and I didn’t get that at first. I kind of get it now. As he told Howard Stern, he doesn’t like it when women have been around for more than 35 years.
But Donald, we have so much more in common than, actually, you may realize.
For example, I tried to inspire young people by showing them that with resilience and hard work anything is possible and you’re doing the same. A third grade teacher told me that one of her students refused to turn in his homework because it was under audit.

And here’s another similarity. The Republican National Committee isn’t spending a dime to help either one of us.

So tonight, let’s embrace the spirit of the evening. Let’s come together. Remember what unites us and just rip on Ted Cruz.

I hope you enjoyed my remarks tonight. I said no to some jokes that I thought were over the line. But I suppose you can judge for yourself on Wikileaks in the next few days.

(LAUGHTER) Donald will tell us after the benediction whether he accepts that this dinner is over. He has to wait and see. But there’s nothing funny about the stakes in this election. In the end what makes this dinner important are not the jokes we tell but the legacy that we carry forward. It is often easy to forget how far this country has come.

And there are a lot of people in this room tonight who themselves, or their parents or grandparents, came here as immigrants, made a life for yourselves, took advantage of the American dream and the greatest system that has ever been created in the history of the world to unleash the individual talents and energy and ambition of everyone willing to work hard.

And when I think about what Al Smith went through it’s important to just reflect how groundbreaking it was for him, a Catholic, to be my party’s nominee for president. Don’t forget – school boards sent home letters with children saying that if Al Smith is elected president you will not be allowed to have or read a Bible. 

Voters were told that he would annul Protestant marriages.

And I saw a story recently that said people even claimed the Holland Tunnel was a secret passageway to connect Rome and America, to help the Pope rule our country.

Those appeals, appeals to fear and division, can cause us to treat each other as the Other. Rhetoric like that makes it harder for us to see each other, to respect each other, to listen to each other. And certainly a lot harder to love our neighbor as ourselves.

I believe how we treat others is the highest expression of faith and of service. I’m not Catholic. I’m a Methodist, but one of the things that we share is the belief that in order to achieve salvation we need both faith and good works. And you certainly don’t need to be Catholic to be inspired by the humility and heart of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Or to embrace his message.

His message about rejecting a mindset of hostility, his calls to reduce inequality, his warnings about climate change, his appeal that we build bridges, not walls.

Now as you may know, my running mate, Tim, is Catholic and went to Jesuit schools, and one of the things he and I have talked about is this idea from the Jesuits of the Magis, the more, the better. But we need to get better at finding ways to disagree on matters of policy while agreeing on questions of decency and civility. How we talk to each other, treat each other, respect each other.

So I’ve taken this concept of Magis to heart in this campaign, as best as one can in the daily heat, the back and forth of a presidential campaign, to ask how we can do more for each other, and better for each other. Because I believe that for each of us, our greatest monument on this earth won’t be what we build, but the lives we touch.

And that is ultimately what this dinner is all about. And it’s why it’s been such a great honor to join you all again. Thank you.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Unpatriotic Trump- his vision of America devalues Khan family sacrifice

Khizr Khan asks if his fallen son would have a place in Trump's America, an appeal in an emotional new political ad. 

Captain Khan died because he wanted to support his nation as a patriotic soilder. Our nation's democratic values are what he wanted to embrace and his sacrifice made his point. 

Among those values are the process which includes fair elections to select our political leaders. Trump is calling this privilege into question. His horrifying position is terrifying.

My sympathy for the grieving Khan family.  

Image result for Khan son headstone
Image result for Khan son headstone
Captain Humayun 

(CNN)- An emotional Khizr Khan asks Donald Trump in a new Clinton campaign ad whether his son, a US solider who was killed in Iraq in 2004, would "have a place in your America?"

The ad is part of Clinton's closing message, one that her top aides hope will be uplifting and hopeful, offering an implicit contrast to the combativeness that the Trump campaign has turned to in recent weeks.

Khan, who was thrust into the national spotlight after he excoriated Trump in a speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), is seen at his home in the ad, looking at keepsakes from his son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan's, life.

"In 2004, my son was stationed in Iraq. He saw a suicide bomber approaching his camp. My son moved forward to stop the bomber when the bomb exploded. He saved everyone in his unit. Only one American soldier died," Khan says as video shows the father holding the flag that was draped over his son's casket.

(DNC) speaker Khizr Khan became the center of controversy after delivering an impassioned speech about his late son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, and decrying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's suggestions that he would enact a ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

Khan's criticism of Trump included the following passage:
Mr. Trump, he asks, "Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one."

Trump didn't take the criticism lightly. Instead, he engaged in an extended clash of words with the Khan family and the news media. 

Nevertheless, Donald Trump has issued an undemocratic call to his zealous followers about the possibility he won't accept the outcome of the presidential election, unless he wins the election.  

In other words, Trump obviously dosen't have a passion for democracy and he's, therefore, inept in the political world. His unpatriotic position about the election's outcome devalues the enormous sacrifice of the Khan family.

Trump is unqualified to lead the free world.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Emily Cain endorsed in Maine 2nd District by Bangor Daily News

Maine's Bangor Daily News is widely read, especially by Maine's Second district population. A "BDN" endorsement is a very big deal. Congratulations to Emily Cain, a very well deserved endorsement a credit to your leadership and hard work.
Image result for Emily Cain
Emily Cain is endorsed by the popular and well read "Bangor Daily News"

Cain’s pragmatism, openness would better serve Maine’s 2nd District in Congress

By The BDN Editorial Board
Posted Oct. 20, 2016, at 12:18 p.m.

The Nov. 8 vote in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is a referendum on the performance of Rep. Bruce Poliquin in his first term in Congress.

Voters have to decide whether he should be re-elected.

We believe Democrat Emily Cain deserves to replace him.

Poliquin, a Republican, has shown in his first two years that he’ll advocate for some 2nd District interests
in much the same way as the Democrat he replaced. He has kept up the fight to require that the Department of Defense issue American-made athletic shoes to military members, and he has gone to bat for Maine papermakers.
A still image from a new ad by the VoteVets political action committee that targets U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-2nd District.

Retired Major General Edwards spoke about how Congressman Poliquin did not support the Veterans Administration- that did it for me....!!

We have appreciated
Poliquin’s attention to Maine’s opiate addiction epidemic and his advocacy and votes for legislation emphasizing evidence-based addiction treatment. But he failed early on — unlike his fellow Republican in Maine’s congressional delegation, Sen. Susan Collins — to break with the Republican caucus and advocate for emergency funding for the legislation.

(By the way, this same information also applies to how Senator Kelly Ayotte votes in the US Senate, as well. She talks the "opiate epidemic talk" but doesn't vote to support funding.)

Poliquin has been nearly impossible to pin down on a range of issues since he was a candidate in 2014, from how his “pro-life” position on abortion would factor into his votes in Congress to his position on reauthorization of the federal Export-Import Bank. There’s no greater example than his dancing around whether he supports Republican Donald Trump for president. He hasn’t publicly committed to supporting him, but he told a private crowd he would be excited to work with a president Trump.

Poliquin’s constituents deserve to know where he stands, but he literally walked away from questions about it last week and refused to talk about it
during a debate Tuesday night.

Maine’s 2nd Congressional District deserves a representative who is responsible and responsive to them.

Instead, Poliquin will be a reliable vote for what we consider to be a destructive Republican agenda that threatens to undo the Affordable Care Act, that threatens to transform key social programs into block grants that would put key services at risk while endangering state budgets, and that threatens funding for key reproductive health services for women.

He opposed the formation of a national monument in the 2nd District and
held a sham hearing giving voice to some of the fringe perspectives in Congress that want to undo an American tradition of using the federal government to protect valuable lands.

In Congress, Cain would also advocate for veterans and for the protection of manufacturing jobs in the 2nd District, but she wouldn’t
vote against equality or vote to gut social programs and long-standing conservation efforts.

Cain would also seek a committee assignment that offers her influence on policy areas that are more relevant to Maine’s 2nd District. Whereas Poliquin serves on the House financial services committee, Cain says she would seek an assignment on the transportation and infrastructure, veterans’ affairs or agriculture panels.

During her 10 years in the Maine Legislature, Cain set herself apart as a pragmatic lawmaker who worked productively with — and earned the respect of — lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. She helped, for example, to negotiate passage of the first budget in Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s tenure. It contained
significant tax cuts, which many in her party opposed, but it also increased funding for education and preserved MaineCare for low-income parents.

As a lawmaker, Cain played a leading role in encouraging state lawmakers to make significant
investments in research and development to spur economic development. She was a strong proponent for evaluating the effectiveness of the state’s myriad business tax breaks and credits.

Cain’s inclusive, pragmatic and forthcoming approach to governing would be a welcome addition to an institution that increasingly lacks it. Most important, such an approach would better serve the residents of Maine’s 2nd District.

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Somebody give Donald Trump an Emmy to exit!

I'm pretty sure it's easy to buy used Emmy Awards, or find some, like the ones purchased but never given out- always have a few spares, should be the rule. Well, time to dust one of those recyclables off and give it to Donald Trump under the condition he leaves politics forever.

Here's what humorist Andy Borowitz says:


LOS ANGELES (The Borowitz Report)—
After learning that Donald J. Trump was still stinging from having lost an Emmy for “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences offered to give the former reality-show host a belated Emmy if he will drop out of the 2016 race.
Image result for emmy award statue pic
Maybe an extra one is in a closet somewhere? Please find it.

“We never imagined that if we had simply given you an Emmy back in the day our current national nightmare might have been avoided,” a Television Academy spokesman said in an online video.

Displaying an Emmy statuette, the spokesman said, “Here’s your Emmy, Mr. Trump, all gold and shiny, just the way you like things to be.”

Reached by reporters, the spokesman said that the Academy decided to give Trump the belated Emmy because the organization felt “terrible” about the unwitting role it had played in bringing the United States to the brink of destruction.

“Historically, television has been blamed for a lot,” the spokesman said. “We wanted to show that when the very existence of the entire world is at stake television does the right thing.” 

Image result for emmy award statue pic
Taaadaaaa!  Maybe Trump can exit with a plastic facsimile?

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Hillary Clinton speaks truth to trumped up power

Congratulations are over due to Secretary Clinton. 
You Go Hillary! (illustration by Tom Bachell)
Following a polluted American election season infected with toxic primaries followed by a campaign of Trump's sex, lies and video tapes, it's refreshing to see Secretary Clinton still holding her own, graceful and professional under pressure. She's demonstrating leadership we can be proud of.

In October 24, 2016 The New Yorker, an opinion follow up to the second debate, describes Mrs. Clinton's ability to speak truth to power. Her professional demeanor is a sharp contrast to Donald Trump's personality flaws and draws out his bullying behavior.

At the second Presidential debate, Trump declared Clinton a fighter.

But what she’s had to fight all along is sexism like his. 
By Margaret Talbot

At the the end of the second Presidential debate, on October 9th, in St. Louis, when an audience member asked if each candidate could say something positive about the other, Donald Trump declared Hillary Clinton a fighter: “She doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up.” It was a surprising admission—Trump had spent the previous several weeks castigating Clinton for her weakness, her lack of “stamina”—and one of the few unassailably true things he said all evening.

Plenty of the attacks levelled against Clinton over the years have been policy-oriented and substantive, stemming from her mishandling of health-care reform during her husband’s first Administration, or from her initial support for the war in Iraq, or from her use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State—criticisms that could have been lobbed in the same terms at a male politician of similar ambition. But much of what Clinton has had to battle, for decades, is sexism. She has not, as Trump noted, given up, but the fight has been a wearying spectacle, and one that may explain, at least in part, why people complain of Hillary Clinton fatigue.

When Patricia Schroeder, the former Democratic U.S. representative from Colorado, was campaigning in the nineteen-eighties, she was asked whether she was “running as a woman.” She replied, “Do I have a choice?” Clinton has certainly never had a choice; she has been scrutinized and judged as a woman in every possible way from the moment she appeared on the national stage. She’s been criticized for using her maiden name, for her decision to continue working as a lawyer after her husband became governor of Arkansas, and for her lack of interest in cookie baking—not to mention for her hair, her ankles, her clothes, her smile, her laugh, and her voice. The conspiracy theories about the Clintons often partook of old fears and suspicions regarding women: that Hillary was a lesbian; that she was a Lady Macbeth, responsible for the murder of the deputy White House counsel Vince Foster. (Trump has revived that rumor, calling Foster’s death, a suicide, “very fishy.”) And some would not accept her as a genuine icon of female empowerment, because she had obtained her national standing as an adjunct to her husband, and stood by him after it became clear that he had been having sex with a twenty-two-year-old White House intern and lied about it.

It’s always been dispiriting to see the latent resentments that Clinton’s political ambitions brought forth—she’s like one of those chemical solutions which make invisible writing manifest, only to reveal a message that we’d rather had remained hidden. In 2007, during the Presidential-primary campaigns, when she was the presumptive Democratic nominee, a supporter of Senator John McCain, the eventual Republican nominee, asked him at a gathering in South Carolina, “How do we beat the bitch?” McCain looked fleetingly uncomfortable, then called it an “excellent question.” The terms “bitch” and “witch,” and the associations they stir up, are slurs that Clinton’s detractors have resorted to freely. The political commentator Tucker Carlson said of Clinton, “Something about her feels castrating.” Rush Limbaugh asked his listeners, “Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?” Bumper stickers appeared bearing slogans such as “KFC Hillary Meal Deal: Two Fat Thighs, Two Small Breasts and a Bunch of Left Wings” and “Even Bill Doesn’t Want Me.”

During Clinton’s lifetime, institutionalized discrimination against women has retreated markedly. So has the routine sexism that assumes that a woman can’t, by definition, do a given job as well as a man, or that she shouldn’t be working outside the home at all. 

But what lingers is misogyny—the kind of hate- and fear-filled objectification of women that flourishes in corners of the Internet, and in the rhetoric of Trump and some of his supporters. It turns out that what some of them seemed to have meant when they said they were tired of being politically correct was that they were tired of addressing others with a modicum of respect. Trump encourages people at his rallies to chant “Lock her up!”—in the second debate, he vowed to do just that if elected. Such rhetoric, in its vulgarity and its rawness, is a radical break from conservative norms. Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan are not exactly celebrated as feminists, but it’s impossible to imagine either of them publicly invoking a newswoman’s menstrual period, or calling women “fat pigs,” or acquiescing to a request from Howard Stern to refer to his daughter as a “piece of ass.”

Trump has been defending the boasts he made on the leaked “Access Hollywood” tape—that, as a “star,” he could “do anything” to women—by saying they were just words. That does not seem to have been the case: in the past week, a number of women have come forward with allegations that Trump groped or kissed them without their consent. But, in any event, words do matter, and Trump’s words about women, immigrants, and Muslims incite bigotry and fear. As Michelle Obama told a Clinton rally in New Hampshire last week, this is a campaign characterized by “language that has been painful for so many of us, not just as women, but as parents trying to protect our children and raise them to be caring, respectful adults, and as citizens who think that our nation’s leaders should meet basic standards of human decency.”

Clinton’s reputation has also been prone to another unfortunate pattern: she was often more popular when she was seen to be suffering a traditionally feminine humiliation. As First Lady, her approval ratings rose after the Monica Lewinsky revelations and during Kenneth Starr’s investigation of them. In 2008, many people rallied to her after she was excoriated for seeming to tear up at a campaign event. Trump was clearly seeking to humiliate Clinton by inviting women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment or assault to be his guests at the second debate. But this time it felt like she was long past embarrassment of the sort he was trying to induce—the stakes were too high, and Trump’s insults to women too categorical.

There’s something both grotesque and bracing about the confrontation between Clinton, with her disciplined professionalism, and Trump, with his increasingly frenzied assertions of male prerogative. Like the female protagonist of a quest narrative—or, perhaps, of a dystopian fantasy—Clinton has made it through all her challenges to face the bull-headed Minotaur of sexism at the end of the maze. ♦

Congratulations Secretary Hillary Clinton!

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Donald Trump brand now labeled "disqualified"

"Not fit for political consumption"  

Image result for Donald TrumpWater Unfit for Human Consumption Sign Postcard

Donald Trump is unfit.
Donald Trump disqualified himself as a political candidate by refusing to answer the question posed by the third debate moderator Chris Wallace, about whether or not he would accept the results of the democratic presidential election.  

Republican pundit Steve Schmidt described Donald Trump as having certain moments in the debate when he was rambling, especially in response to the subject of Aleppo, in Syria. As a matter of fact, Chris Wallace had to bring focus to Trump's comments about Aleppo. 

Nicolle Wallace, who was a communications advisor to Republican President George Bush, said Trump put "lights out" on his campaign when he refused to say he would accept the outcome of a US democratic election.  

Obviously, someone had the guts to give Trump a reality check about his delusional presidential prospects. Indeed, Donald Trump "trumped up" his previously favorable poll results when he was popular for railing against the clown car of Republican primary opponents. Nevertheless, Trump is now unable to accept trending current reports showing him behind the growing support for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

As Donald Trump continues to decompensate during the intensifying campaign, he's also establishing his "brand" as being "unqualified". This negativity can even impact all Trump investments. 

Frankly, Americans can't put our democratic brand at risk. voters must reject Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton because she has demonstrated competent, sane, qualified, experienced and humanitarian political leadership. Donald Trump's brand of politics is labeled "unqualified" and he's unfit for leadership.

Congratulations and thank you for Hillary Clinton because she is the only candidate who has faced Donald Trump down.  She has brilliantly spoken truth to power.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump barking & whining: junk yard dog syndrome

Watch out for junk yard dogs! They are dangerous!

Donald Trump has become a person who barks and whines. In an eerie way, he has become especially nasty and combative showing his demeanor as symptomatic of a personality disorder, something like being a political junk yard dog.

Image result for danger junkyard dog sign

It's become embarassingly more obvious, espcecially as the stress of the presidential political campaign grows, that Donald Trump is unfit by character and temperament to lead the free world. He has less intellect than a cornered junk yard dog.

Can somebody please provide Donald Trump with a suitable tranquilizer?  

Tragically, Donald Trump is leading America into a Dante like inferno of suspicion, conspiracy theories, fear and resulting unpredictability, the likes of which our nation's political system has never known. Indeed, an abyss from which we might not politically recover.  Republicans who support Trump are branded as being unable to recover from this negative exposure.

Using Tromponian rhetoric, he created a huge swamp of discord, also attracted a basket of deplorable racist voters and ceated a new characicture of stupidity now branding all Republicans.

Americans must vote for progressive leadership to move us out of this turmoil. Hillary Clinton will provide consistent leadership. She's a known and reliable entity to Americans and to the world.  God help us, we need a sane, competent and intelligent president. 

I'm with her!

Junk yard dogs deserve to live behind fences and walls where voters can't hear their barking and whining.