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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Majority Agenda, Unemployment and Romney's Economic Plan

Although the New Majority Agenda pushes lies with the finesse of a gambling croupier, there are no solutions in their serial negative ads, other than to damage President Obama's popular image.

Gambling with American minds, by saturating TV with negative ads, while not providing solutions to our nation's unemployment slow down, is propaganda dealing that will hopefully loose when voters cash in their votes this fall.

Unemployment can be reduced if the completely ineffective US Congress passed President Obama's jobs bill. Of course, The New Majority Agenda's negativity doesn't focus on real time solutions. Rather, the sloppy ads trick naive viewers into believing in a simplistic solution to finding jobs for the unemployed.  It's just not true that the nation's unemployment will be improved if the national debt is resolved!

Rather, New Majority Agenda ads should soak the root cause of our nation's unemployment in their expensive media blitz, which includes the failures of US banks, and mortgage companies to self regulate lending and investing practices. But, of course, truth isn't part of The New Majority Agenda's intentions. Yet, the fact is, the New Majority Agenda isn't a majority at all, but just the fabricated messaging created by a few very wealthy people who enjoy spending copious amounts of money on Political Action Committee attack ads.

Even worse, the New Majority Agenda doesn't offer any opinion by Governor Mitt Romney about how to improve the US economy. Romney was a one term governor of Massachusetts. When he left office, all of his staff's hard drives went out the door with his administration. Meaning, there's no paper trail to reconstruct the ineffectiveness of his one term as Massachusetts governor.

If Governor Romney's master economic plan to reduce unemployment is to bring jobs sent out of the US by the venture capitalist firm Bain Capital back home from India and China, then American voters meed to know about this intention. Yet, we don't hear anything of the kind from either the Romney whine ads or from the New Majority Agenda's propaganda campaign.

Romney rails on issues out of his control, like trying to bring down President Obama's health care reform initiative, finally ruled as being Constitutional by the US Supreme Court. Yet, Romney doesn't offer an alternative plan. This confusing response is contradictory, because the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare", that Romney beats up on, is the Massachusetts plan he put in place as governor, including a mandate for individuals to buy health insurance. Yet, the New Majority Agenda doesn't explain how a majority of Americans will now have health insurance as a result of President Obama's Affordable Care Act. Doesn't it make sense for Romney and New Majority Agenda to support what's good for improving access to health care for a majority of Americans? Positive messaging isn't part of the agenda of either the New Majority Agenda nor Romney's campaign. Both are disinterested in helping a majority of uninsured people to access health care.

They aren't interested in helping the unemployed to find jobs, or else they would call for supporting investment in America's infrastructure, like roads and bridges, included in President Obama's jobs bill.

Let's get a majority of facts on public policy gambling tables for voters to evaluate.

There's a lot at stake this fall when Americans have the final say about how our nation will move forward, with help for the middle class, beginning with passing the President's jobs bill. 

Americans deserve a government that works for the people, rather than for a minority of rich venture capitalists, like Romney and his colleagues, who won't share their wealth through fair taxation policies.

Most important, when faced with a choice between two candidates who want to lead America, we need a real New Majority Agenda that includes an action plan rather than a propaganda campaign funded by the rich who will benefit by buying a Romney presidency.


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