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Friday, July 20, 2012

Christian Talk Radio and Guns

I was so outraged, it made me want to throw my car radio out the window, smashing it into the highway, after what I heard when my scanning of stations landed on Christian talk radio today, July 20, the day of the Aurora CO killings. 

What I heard on Christian talk radio was as Un-Christian a message as I've ever heard.

While scanning stations during my drive home to Topsham from Portland, Maine, I happened to land on a Christian discussion about praying for the tragic victims of yet another mass killing of innocent people, this time in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater where victims were gathered at midnight to see "Batman".

In a surreal segue, the male-female disc jokey duo switched their discussion of prayer for victims of the killings to a quick change of subject about guns. Putting the two topics in the same paragraph is incongruous, to say the least. They are two incompatible subjects. These self righteous Christian DJs verbally glowered like buzzards on people they stereotype labeled as "liberals". They leaped to the conclusion that "liberals" will immediately blame the root of the murder of 12 innocents and 60 injured in Aurora, on guns.

I wish there were a URL link to their quote, as they made a disgusting rush to judgement on the people they pompously called "liberals". Even more, their assault created victims of yet another group of people beyond those who are dead, injured and their families.  They victimized people they consider to be "liberals".

These DJs made an immediate defense against any accusation that guns caused these senseless murders. They defended guns while accusing liberals of being wrong about stating the obvious! In fact, the duo really dared liberals to claim guns are the root of the killing of those innocent Aurora victims! They said (paraphrase) "it won't be long before liberals are blaming guns...." But, the killer used guns to kill and slay people. In fact, he used several weapons. Are we to believe the Aurora killer murdered those people with weapons, other than guns? Paleeeze! What are these Christian people talking about? They're obviously delusional.

Listen, blog readers, I didn't invent this radio discussion. Yet, I believe it's irresponsible for me to be silent when right wing Christian radio nuts defend murder by guns in the same broadcast where they call for prayer for victims of the murders.

Tell families of the victims that guns didn't cause this preventable massive harm.

Indeed, the operational word in this tragedy is "preventable".

Christian radio DJ's obviously didn't know anyone murdered in the Aurora mass murder.

Like many others, I'm praying for all the victims and families of the senseless casualties in Aurora, but it will take me time to calm down and pray for the redemption of those irresponsible Christian DJs.



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