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Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Majority Agenda and Orwell Old Media

Rather than creating anything "new" for voters to think about, the New Majority Agenda is just old style negative political advertising.  

Missing from the ads are ideas, because, there's certainly nothing new in the New Majority Agenda, except for the "new" anonymous sources of money used to pay for them.

Although the ads are expensive and old fashioned, they're nonetheless dangerous.

Rich political action committee contributors, who anonymously pay for these antiquated messages, rely on throwbacks to the past. They'd rather waste money on tired messages, reminiscent of broken Nixon's "Silent Majority", than to create anything "new", at all. "New" should be analogous to "Progressive", but the New Majority Agenda is RE-gressive. The PAC throws millions of dollars on propaganda, using destructive images, film noir stereotyping President Obama as a dark personality and 1950s style nostalgia for "Leave it to Beaver" era fans. Even as old and tired as these ads are, they're, nonetheless, dangerous.

These exhausted media style ads are dangerous for two important reasons:

1. They're Orwellian: We cannot know who pays or who owns The New Majority Agenda, because the US Supreme Court protects the donors to the PAC under the free speech "Citizens United" ruling. Therefore, if these negative messages work, the contributors can claim ownership of the candidate, ie, the Romney campaign. In other words, they'll be puppeteers who control government, protected from disclosing who they are, because they're entitled to free speech. The New Majority Agenda, if it succeeds, can have the power to influence future political campaigns for as far into the future as the money behind them extends. This would be worse than un-Democratic government. Even Orwell couldn't imagine this kind of lowly totalitarianism.

2. They have a cumulative negative impact: When The New Majority Agenda is coupled like DNA molecules with other negative PAC ads, the total impact is so overwhelming that we're likely to be crushed by the negativity. The cumulative impact of negativity will proliferate widespread cynicism about our government. Government approval ratings are already at all time lows, perhaps the lowest since pollsters began tracking this information. Creating even more cynicism, for the purpose of winning political elections, will not improve our human condition. Rather, the effectiveness of the ads will continue to control our responses to almost any social nuance desired by the anonymous contributors.

How do informed voters turn the public away from Orwell Old Media ads, paid for by the rich New Majority Agenda? A response to contrast the dark, cynical messages is to create bright and optimistic counter images. Rather than film noir, use tasteful fantasy. Rather than "Leave it to Beaver" nostalgia, use social media advertising. Rather than bleak Orwellian messages, use up-beat flash-mobs to make positive points. These top of mind ideas have in common the joining of ordinary people to build positive messages. They contrast bleak New Majority Agenda with optimism.

Our nation's economy isn't entirely based on the actions of one single individual, like President Obama, as New Majority Agenda lies. Economies are built on optimism and confidence, as well as on fiscal systems. Let's counter New Majority Agenda with something really "new". Let's call it "confidence". Let's theoretically name it the New Orwellian Society media campaign, where people are fed optimism, and confidence, instead of negative and mind controlling propaganda.

Indeed, let's throw away the impaired political past by creating a New Majority Future. Begin by re-electing President Obama to continue moving our nation forward, while soundly rejecting the tired negative politics of the Old Majority Agenda.



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