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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The New Majority Agenda and Negative Trifecta - Triple Political Attack Ads

Negative political TV advertisements - like the trifecta of ads running against President Barack Obama, sponsored by rich political action committees (PACs) New Majority Agenda, the Crossroads America and the Republican National Committee, are spreading lies faster than horses out of the gate at Churchill Downs.

A trifecta is type of bet in which the bettor must select the first three finishers in exact order. So, the negative PACs are betting on defeating President Obama with this triple pronged strategy.  Hopefully, President Obama is ready to place his own trifecta of ads

There's money to burn on negativity among the three well funded Republican PACs. So, they're using seemingly unlimited funds to create negative ammunition to bounce off of voters, in the hopes at least one  messages will reach the ultimate destination, to block the President's well deserved re-election.  

These wasteful expenditures are creating lies.  None of the wrong-minded messages in the terrible ads provides a shred of evidence to confirm their veracity, because there's no truth to this miserable trifecta.

Why these negative ads are permitted to fabricate lies about President Obama is an issue now defined as "free speech", under the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.

This summer is unGodly hot in lots of places, particularly in political battle ground states where coveted electoral votes will re-elect President Obama.. But, we're just beginning the negative political TV season. Just like ricochet buckshot, the reverberation of negative ads designed to cause political wounds has yet to be determined. Tragically, these ads must be causing harm. Why else would the creators waste money producing and airing the current trifecta of propaganda, now showing on TVs close to you, unless they're harmful.  Millionaires like the Koch Brothers aren't giving these ads away, without expecting something in return.  Their contributions to the negative litanies are expected to be rewarded when they eventually own the candidate who could win with their geyser-like money.  

PAC contributors bet money on negative ads. They want these ads to resonate a particular message with the voters, so their selfish interests will be sustained when they own the winning candidate.  Think of "Swift Boat", effectively used to discredit Senator John Kerry's Presidential election.  It was unthinkable to believe anyone could lie about Senator Kerry's military record, but, unfortunately, the negative ads worked.  
"Swift Boat" was like ricochet political buckshot that reverberated until Senator Kerry's credibility was damaged.  It was a bet created by the Karl Rove negative ad team, that worked.

It's grossly unfair for President Obama to be in a position of defending his reputation and his administration against a trifecta of negative PACs where lies are funded to deflect truths.  For example, it's not true that President Obama spent stimulus tax money to send jobs overseas, unless, of course, we count the millions spent on defense contracts to end Republican wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Voters should demand accountability, rather than rhetorical lies, when we're force fed negative ads running in expensive prime TV time.

In the absence of truthfulness, however, the trifecta of PACs is highly likely to grow into a stampede.  

President Obama must respond strategically to these ads, because PAC monies are ready to drown every political nuance, when an opportunity to create more lies shows up.

Democratic PACs don't have unlimited monies to find the truth behind Mitt Romney's lies regarding the sources of his amazing wealth and where it's all hidden.  In fact, Romney's trifecta includes hiding the truth about why he keeps a great deal of his wealth protected from taxes, as well as not answering when he was the CEO of Bain Capital and how is it he has $100 million in an independent retirement account (IRA)?  

Romney's trifecta of lies are worthy of negative ads, if the Democrats can find the money to pay for them.



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