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Monday, July 23, 2012

Curing America's Perpetual National Mourning From Gun Violence

Okay! Here's the reality. We're a nation in perpetual mourning resulting from gun violence. We continue to bury innocent victims, most of them are young.

But, gun toting Bubbas, who can't abide anybody curbing their Constitutional Second Amendment Gun Rights, can be part of the solution to curing this violence. Let's allow all the Holms type of weirdos, who want to buy guns, the opportunity to own all the weapons they can possibly afford. These purchases can satisfy the weapons hoarders while helping to resolve the national debt. All guns and explosives purchased outside of law enforcement should be taxed at three times their retail value. Plus, all fire arms should be registered like automobiles, with an assessment attached.

Moreover, let's create and enforce laws whereby the ammunition sold to those obsessed with Second Amendment Rights are just blank rounds- like big caps. These blanks can go "bang-bang", but will have no deadly impact whatsoever. Plus, the blank ammunition will also be taxed.

Chief Justice Roberts of the US Supreme Court will love this plan. If implemented, the inviolable sacrosanct Second Amendment rights are protected while the government can enforce its Constitutional right to tax.

It's beyond time to do something bold to end gun violence. When Americans can't even engage in a recreational pastime like going to the movies without being victimized by gun violence, then our perpetual national mourning might have finally hit a threshold of resistance. It's like when a disease causes widespread morbidity and moralities, a prevention plan is immediately put in place to protect public health. Americans might finally be waking up to the need to treat gun violence like a deadly disease.

Of course, disease isn't mentioned in the US Constitution, like gun rights.

So, a prevention plan must address public health. As a result of being a nation in a perpetual state of grief and mourning, we are suffering from an epidemic of clinical Depression. A Depression epidemic can be prevented by instituting public health measures.

How do we prevent Depression, caused by the fear of gun violence, from infecting every living American? In a medical science world of "cause and effect", we look to ways to eliminate the root cause of the Depression. We can't change the US Constitution without causing widespread civil strife, but we can remove explosives in ammunition. Possibly, even the National Rifle Association would agree that guns don't kill, but the ammunition is deadly.

Gun hoarders and paranoid monster people who simply can't get enough weapons to fight the government who they believe is coming after them, should delight in being able to reduce the national debt by paying purchase and registration fees on their multitudes of guns. Their contributions might even help balance national and local budgets while reducing the tax rate for everyone, including the super rich.

Plus, by helping with prevention, these gun obsessed individuals can claim pride in participating in a cure for our national epidemic of clinical Depression caused by perpetual mourning from relentless gun violence.

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