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Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney's Bad Manners - He Didn't Learn Civility in Prep School?

Where are Romney's manners?

Romney embarrassed the Olympian people of London, during their time in the torch-light, by questioning their ability to be ready for the challenges of running an ambitious international undertaking. 

You know what's wrong?  Romney, obviously, never had a boss at Bain Capital, (his private equity firm) because he'd know that you don't pretend you're in charge, when you're clearly not.  Romney was in charge of the Olympics, at one time, back in 2002, when he used government money to lead a successful Salt Lake City, Utah Olympics.  He isn't in charge at London's summer 2012 games. Mr. Romney shouldn't act like he's king of the Olympic games, just because he was once in charge. It's simply not good manners.

One term Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's parent's should have demanded some of their tuition money back from the expensive schools he attended.  It's no doubt, they spent loads of money sending their politically aspiring son to high class preparatory schools, but he apparently learned very little, if anything, about good manners and civility during his expensive education.  

He also never had a boss, or he'd know how to be civil when not in charge.

Romney learned how to bully during his private school years.  Reports were never denied about an incident where he and a gang of boys forced a hair cut on a fellow student.

"...Mitt Romney bullied and pranked classmates during his time at a tony Michigan prep school in the 1960′s including one story where he and a group of boys pinned down another student and cut his hair. This is now the second story to emerge of Mr. Romney giving someone a forced haircut."

Although Romney supporters brush this school incident aside as childish behavior, the overriding issue is about Romney's lack of civility.  He flippantly told Americans he doesn't care about the poor.  He told Londoners that they might not be up to the challenge of running Olympic Games.  

Whether or not London is, or isn't, up to the Olympian challenges, is not for Romney to criticize. His time being in charge was over, 10 years ago.  Moreover, Romney is a guest in London.  You don't insult your guests in their own home.  It's not showing good upbringing.  It's bad manners.

If Romney's arrogant style is allowed access to the White House, we Americans will spend four years of his administration defending statements he makes by not paying attention to the consequences of his comments.  

Let's face it, Romney led a privileged life. It's hard to say who his role models were.  He surely won't be a humble president, if elected, because he's already demonstrated a lack of humility. 

In fact, humility, civility and  good manners need training. His expensive education didn't provide much polish, or it doesn't show.

Romney may no be up the the challenge of learning how to be humble, civil and polite. These are not Romney's attributes. 

Being a world leader demands civility when in the public eye.  Every leader knows this, even dictators.

Before Romney pretends to be a world leader, he needs to read Miss Manners.  

His privileged life doesn't excuse his insensitive remarks about any of us who are on the spectrum of the human order.  

In "Manners 101", Romney must learn respect the poor and how to applaud Londoners. 




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