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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Young Royals - Britain's Amazing Young Royals and the Poor

Americans might call on the brilliant Britain young Royals to help breath life into our educational institutions besieged by budget doldrums, compounded by partisan politics. It's ridiculous to include education of our children in a political discussion, because we should be all about supporting the best for our nation's schools. Nonetheless, our country's best resources, the education of our children, have put inner city schools at the mercy of budget battles and the effects of urban decline.

While America's education leaders justifiably lament program cuts hurting teachers, schools and public colleges, the amazing Royal Brits - Princess Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry are investing their personal charisma in children. They're going beyond budgets and partisan politics by touching the lives of our future, visiting and engaging in the education of children. 

During Prince William and Princess Kate's honeymoon, they even took time to visit a Los Angeles, California inner city school! It's been political eons since Americans saw one of our own politician take such a photo-op with the poor.

Young Royals seem to create beauty wherever they go. To create enthusiasm for children around the opening of London's Olympics 2012, the three alluring young Royals played soccer and basketball with "impoverished" kids, who have dreams and ambitions to become sports coaches.

As Americans, we're proud of being a Democratic nation, void of the super power of a monarchy. Yet, there's something to be said about having a ruling class of admirably compassionate leaders who are respected, admired, that people identify with and who aren't running for political re-election.

Certainly, it helps that Britain's three young and particularly charming Royals are individually bewitching.

So, maybe in their spare time, the three magnetic young Royals, Kate, William and Harry, could take time to bring energy and morale boosting enthusiasm to poor children in America's schools. In fact, schools could be a place where movie stars, sports heroes and Royals could visit, as part of their contracts and official duties.

Although I'm not an educator, my common sense tells me that motivated children are the basis for a good educational program. Building self esteem by exposing children to positive and supportive role models will create enthusiasm for making schools a place where student want to "learn how to learn" and where teachers want to teach.

Bravo to Britain's amazing young Royals! They are examples for adults and children to imitate as they engage in education for all, regardless of economic situations, social, or immigrant status or religion.

Thankfully, Britain's young Royals don't run for election, because they would likely obliterate any political opponent with their progressive and compassionate charm.

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