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Sunday, January 10, 2016

President Obama will launch his legacy with 2016 State of the Union

America's future role model....Mrs. and Mrs. Barack Obama.

The New York Times reports:

President Obama will launch his post presidential legacy with the Tuesday, January 12, State of the Union address (SOTU). 

President Obama will launch his legacy on January 12th at his last State of the Union speech. God willing he will enjoy a lifetime of productive leadership.

WASHINGTON — For the final time, President Obama will mount the rostrum in the US House chamber to deliver a State of the Union, but this time, it's likely he'll not bring a long list of proposals that will languish in Congress (like the American Jobs Act....).
Instead, Mr. Obama plans a thematic message that effectively will be as much a campaign agenda as a governing document. While not on the ballot himself, Mr. Obama hopes to use what may be the largest television audience left in his presidency to frame the debate about who should replace him and where the country should go from here.

There's much  for the President to also explain and be proud of, because, during his 8 years, the President and his beautiful family created a magnificent reputation for the White House as a family home. Mrs. Michelle Obama is a stunning First Lady of the Free World. 

Certainly, President Obama's post presidency will be even more productive, God Willing, than his 8 presidential years, when political gridlock thwarted many of his proposed progressive policies.  Nevertheless, President Obama still has the remainder of his charismatic life to fulfill the goals he inspired to achieve during his presidency.  Certainly, the Press Corps will miss his annual stand up comedy. Perhaps he can even continue as a host of the event (at least, that's my recommendation).

This is a decisive moment for the two-term President Obama.
As a matter of fact, it'll be the pivot point where he goes from being a priority setter to celebrity spectator in the contest for the future.

His speech and the days that follow offer a chance to bolster his legacy, rebut negative narratives emerging from the campaign trail and challenge his would-be successors to address the issues he deems most vital.

Aides say Mr. Obama wants to present an upbeat, optimistic view of America after seven years that will contrast with the gloomy portrayals offered by Republican candidates, a task aided by strong job creation numbers but complicated by continuing turmoil in the Middle East and elsewhere.

At the same time, Mr. Obama hopes to generate support for his approach to issues like climate change, gun control, immigration and income inequality that can boost Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, even if it does not result in further action during his tenure.

“This year, he’ll be speaking more to the American public." reports The New York Times.

Indeed, my prediction is that President ObGod Willingama, by his young age and charisma, will become the role model for the changing face of America.  Regardless of how stagnant Republicans want to remain, they will be faced with a post president Obama who, as a Constitutional Scholar, might even be appointed to the US Supreme Court.  Well, of course, keeping with the philosophy of "all things being possible", I'm confident, God Willing, that Mr. and Mrs. Obama will be the face of America's future and their beautiful daughters will follow in their footsteps. God Willing.

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