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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Republicans stand behind untethered 2nd amendment but childrens lives don't matter

Speaking as a Roman Catholic woman, I'm calling out House Speaker Paul Ryan. Shame! Childrens' lives matter!

Reports, post the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, described the dead children killed by a gun carrying killer, as being stacked like cord wood. They were among the 28 people who were the victims of the deranged school shooter, a misfit named Adam Lanza. He was believed to suffer from a personality disorder and lived with his mother, said a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation.

Following the deadly and preventable killings, the US Congress became paralyzed about enforcing common sense gun regulations to help prevent future mass killings. Nothing worked because Republicans in Congress prefer to save 2nd amendment rights rather than protect people from being the victims of gun violence.

Finally, President Obama took executive action to strengthen gun purchase laws. He intends to create barriers for convicted criminals and terrorists, to help prevent them from using loopholes, whereby they can buy guns without background checks. Believe it or not, Republicans are screeching like wounded hyenas about this common sense executive action.

Hyenas screech when empowered to feast on their prey

Obviously, the Republicans who screech the loudest about common sense gun regulations, like "Trump the Chump", "Cruz to loose" (aka "Senator Cruz"), and now add Speaker Paul Ryan to the triad, don't have any children among those whose bodies were stacked like cord wood, after the tragic Sandy Hook slaughter.

I'm especially disturbed by the negative response to the President's protective executive actions by politically blinded right wing politicians, like Congressman Paul Ryan. These wrong minded politicians and their zealous followers are obsessed by second amendment rights and blinded by guns while they need to protect human life. 

Indeed, the second amendment right wing zealots who lack compassion for victims of gun violence are a national embarrassment!

Americans must support President Obama's executive actions to help protect public safety during a growing gun violence epidemic. At the same time, American voters must reject all Republicans who are supporting 2nd amendment rights to own weapons, rather than protecting human beings from gun-violence. 

Childrens' lives matter!  (Rep. Paul Ryan alert!)

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