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Monday, January 04, 2016

Donald Trump's failed political ads- Lon Chaney style Trumpy-Time TV

Well, it's Trumpy-time 24/7 with the Vulgarians watching the ugly negative TV campaign ads, "paid for by Donald Trump", now being aired to attract voters, rather than rapturous auditorium audiences.  

I want to be among the first to declare the Trumpy ads to be politically disasterous, dangerous and failures. They'll backfire by waking up the American voter to oppose his horrible Trumponian 2016 political campaign.

Lon Chaney's monsters would be more appropriate candidates than Donald Trump- most movie plots destroyed the characters!

Trump's paid ads are scary, negative and politically divisive. In fact, I believe Trump's caustic political ads will be the wake up therapy Americans have needed to demand for him to be dumped out of the 2016 campaign.

Although Donald Trump and his Vulgarian-Trumparian followers are filling auditoriums to see cheer the celebrity's self declared presidential candidacy, as he persues his 2016 ambitious goal, the fact is, the campaign commercials launched to introduce himself to real voters, are a flop.  

Unless Donald Trump and his lock step followers are arithmetic challenged, there's virtually no way the Vulgarians can put their bigot into any office, including street cleaner, unless enough people really vote for him. As a result of his failed political ads, a campaign will be launched to motivate voters to oppose him, regardless of what partisan party they belong to. 

Only right wing extremists, delusional and uneducated zealots will be left to support him, and they aren't likely registered to vote. Indeed, manyof them probably don't know how to read a voting ballot or where to find a polling station.

Rather than launch a Trumponian political ad campaign to assure American "real voters" about his qualifications to run for the Republican nomination in 2016, instead, his intiial ads have horribly reinforcedd the television image of a cruel man.  

Rather than attract real voters, the caustic political ads will inevitably mobilize a voter drive to oppose him. 

My prediction is that Trump's scary political ads will backfire with voters, those who must see his campaign as mass hysteria built on nationalistic paranoia. In other words, Vulgarians are mezmerized by Tumponian paranoia and they desperately need wake up therapy! 

Donald Trump should be working hard to build confidence in his political qualifications to be leader of the free world. Instead, he's become a poster campaign for Islamic extremists. In his delusional political trance, Trump has now, arrogantly, brushed off militant terrorist recruiting videos citing his words about banning Muslims from entering the USA. He says it's not surprising the terorists would exploit his view on banning Muslims from entering the U.S., but he stands behind his hateful and unconstitutional rhetoric. Worse, the Vulgarian-Trumparian groupies are somehow falling for it.....but will they really admit to voting for him? That's the scariest part....hopefully, they are too stupid to vot.

Trump's zealous followers are delusional people who somehow feel like they're empowered by Trumponian bigotry. Yet, there's absolutely no proof of any progressive outcomes by believing in Trump's blinded call for making America great again - aka, "regressive politics" - greatness is about enlightenment and that's not a Trumponian trait.  

Listen up, Trumpy.....America has sure been great for you; therefore,you should respond by raising people up rather than dragging us down into your votex of dangerous paranoid negativity.  

Unbelievably, the actor Lon Chaney's monster movies have more positive outcomes than Trumpy's political campagn ads, because, in the Grade B movies, his evil characters are destroyed. 

Let's "dump-da-Trump" and demand that he be removed from the 2016 election!



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