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Monday, January 04, 2016

Republicans can't protect Americans against gun violence

Americans everywhere are at risk for being the victims of gun violence, while Republicans won't do anything to stop the growing danger.  Nothing at all!!!!

"The New Yorker" gun ownership cartoon

Gun violence harms and kills American people at a rate we'd never tolerate from an infectious disease outbreak. Nevertheless, Republicans prefer to protect second amendment rights to bear arms (ie "own guns"), rather than protect people from death by gun violence.

For example, Donald Trump "the Chump" vows to "unsign" any executive order President Obama signs, to enforce gun ownership regulatons and protect the public from growing gun violence. "Trumpy", on the other hand, doesn't propose how he'd protect the thousands of Americans who are harmed and killed by guns every year. Yet, he's dertermined to protect the deadly weapons used to perpetrate gun-violence. In other words, Trumpy prefers guns to protecting people.  CNN - Donald Trump on Saturday vowed to "unsign" President Barack Obama's plans to tighten gun control via executive action, telling a packed rally in Biloxi, Mississippi, that he would protect the right to bear arms. "There's an assault on the Second Amendment." (OMG! What about the assault guns have inflicted on living people? How crazy is that?)

Not to be "out Trumpied", the Texas Senator "Cruz to loose" has also slammed the humanitarian intention by President Obama to protect as many Americans as possible from harm and death by gun violence.  Rather than explain to American voters how he'd protect the public from growing gun violence, "Cruz to loose" is making a campaign promise to recind executive gun regulations signed by President Obama. "My first act as President will be to undo Obama’s unconstitutional executive rrders," said "Cruz to loose".
Yawn...."Cruz to loose" certainly has a way of putting people to in this following quote..."
This what Cruz to loose said, 
"The next 20 months (will be) very dangerous because President Obama, unfortunately, seems to have decided to disregard the United States Congress and disregard the American people and instead is trying to force through as much of his extreme agenda as possible via unilateral executive action—and I think we’re going to see that only accelerate through the end of 2016 with more and more unconstitutional executive orders, more regulatory abuse and more and more efforts to go to the United Nations and foreign war tribunals in an effort to end run Congress. In January 2017, we will have a new president and if I am elected president (horror of horribles!), the very first thing I intend to do on the first day is rescind every single unconstitutional or illegal executive action from President Obama." (OMG! "Cruz to loose" has no idea how he'd protect the American people from growing gun violence. Rather, "Cruz to loose" prefers to criticize President Obama, because he proposes to protect Americans from the harm and deaths caused by gun violence.) 

Republicans must be embarassed by their inability to protect the public from growing gun violence. There're probably more guns owned by "gun-hording" Americans than there are people, but this compulsion hasn't proven to create a safer public. Gun violence has grown, rather than been deterred by the number of people who claim weapons will keep them safe. Yes, Republicans must be embarassed by their inability to protect the public from gun violence, but they prefer to protect gun rights, rather than people. Obviously, Republicans aren't interested in protecting people, at all.

President Obama will finally take a leadership role to made a public safety decision to protect Americans from more gun violence. He will issue an executive order to enforce gun ownership regulations, to help prevent the loop holes now available to some buyers who deliberately want to circumvent current gun purchase laws.

Meanwhile, Republicans are swearing to undo President Obama's thoughtful executive order. Shame-shame on all of them! Americans must support President Obama as he stands against the National Rifle Association's (NRA) stronghold on the Republican party and many others in the US Congress by preventing common sense gun safety regulations. I don't believe thoughtful American voters will be able to support "Trumpy" or "Cruz to loose" when they vow to undo any Presidential executive order signed with the purpose of protecting the public from the harm and mortality risks of gun violence.

It's time to "dump-da-Trump" and send "Cruz to loose" back to Texas because both are unqualified to  be leaders of the free world. They prefer protecting guns to saving people's lives. 

Until Republicans like "Trumpy" and "Cruz to loose" can protect Americans from gun-violence, they're unqualified to lead our nation.

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