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Friday, January 08, 2016

Burlington Vermont and Budapest Hungary

Trump's campaign is past the point of no return. Trumponians and his crazy followers are now crossing the line of being "Storm Troopers" by using violent intimidation to get their own way.

Perhaps it's only an eerie coincidence that Donald Trump would throw rally protesters out into the Burlington Vermont cold, reminiscent of how the Hungarian Nazis threw Jews into the Danube River in January 1945, even when it was clear that Germany was loosing the war. As though "throwing them out" were not enough, he called for their coats to be confiscated and they be thrown into the "gulf"....(I'm assuming the geography challenged Trump really meant to say "river", ie Winooski River.)

Jews were also thrown into the cold and deliberately drowned in January 1945 in Budapest, Hungary

It's impossible for me to believe that "Trump the Chump" did not rehearse his "throw them out" script before entering the rally.

Trump To Burlington Vermont Hecklers: "Throw Them Out In The Cold! Confiscate Their Coats!"
Later, more protesters began chanting in the balcony in support of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who got his political start as Burlington's mayor. This time, Trump appeared irritated.

Trump tell security in Burlington VT to take protesters' coats: "Throw them out into the cold". 

"Get 'em out. Get 'em out," Trump ordered his security staff from the podium.

Later, he said "I respect what they're doing — unless they have a substance-abuse problem, which they probably do."

Several minutes after that, when another demonstrator interrupted, he told staff to throw the man out but confiscate his coat, which the campaign would return in a few weeks.

Izzy Miguel of Essex, Michaela Coleman of Underhill, and Lucy Sophonak of Essex, all 18, were thrown out of the Trump rally for not being supporters. They waited for several hours in the cold before getting inside.

"It's about 10 degrees below zero outside," Trump said.

The temperature was 25. (I've no  idea what the temperature in the Winooski River thru Burlington was; but obviously it was at least as cold as the air.)

In my opinion, the Trumpoian rally in Burlinton Vermont was a deliberate attack on Senator Bernie Sanders, because he is Jewish.

Donald Trump is a dangerous person who's now completely lost in his ego trip to take over the world. He won't stop with his carnival presidential campaign because he inflates like an out of control parade balloon. Unlessss his politics is given "wake up therapy", Trump will continue to create an America that's contrary to the nobel principals our founders envisioned in the Declaration of Independence.  

Voters who are responsible and intelligent citizens must wake up the Trumponians before Americans become the victims of "Storm Troopers".

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