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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Kim Jong-un and Bashar al-Assad are evil terrorist bookends

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Imagine yourself walking into a meeting room where two international "leaders of genocide" are sitting? Worse than walking into Adolf Hitler's final World War II bunker.

Kim Jong-un and Bashar al_Assd. They're evil dictators and poisonous governmental bookends at the table. Both of them are over their heads in perpetrating cruelty to their own citizen human beings and have past the point of no return. 

Even scarier than their evil ambitions to eliminate political opposition and maintain power are how they also differ. Kim Jong-un is now the keeper of an atomic bomb or, even a more sinister hydrogen or "H" bomb.  On the other hand, Bashar al-Assad must look to Russia for a holocaust causing nuclear weapons. In my opinion, both of these evil driven ambitious power hungry men with sinister ambitions are desperate because they know how fragile their control is. About the time the only way to maintain political power is by causing death, destruction and genocide, then there's justs no remorse in killing more people, over time, in ther vain efforts to create leadership by ruling others with fear.  

Obviously, China has propped up North Korea as a buffer zone against the US allied governments in South  Korea and in Japan. In Syria, Russian President Putin holds the puppet strings over the Assad genocide machine, because, in part, it's retaliation for Europe tanking the Russian economy.

Nevertheless, the two evil world dictators and holocaust bookends are dangerous human belings. As such, they're also mortal men. Meanwhile, until their inevitable mortality occurs, the world is increasingly torn apart by the state sponsored terrorism each is fueling, because neither will participate in international negotiations to improve the humanitarian crises of which they are the root causes.  

Obviously, the salient question is how can the world survive these two and their evil intentions?  It may seem counter-intuitive and politically unpopular, but one way to combat evil is by causing stronger isolalation via economic sanctions and even preventing humanitarian assistance to many victims of these holocausts. Tragically, the response of greater armament only causes an equal and opposite retaliation; but neither dictator can continue to survive the economic collapses of their entire nations. Russia can't prop Assad up forever and Kim Jong-un can't continue to look fat while even his army looks like they're starving from lack of sustenance.  

Moreover, Kim Jong-un can't buy nuclear technology without money or food to feed the people who provide the expertise. Nor will he be able to buy medicine when he inevitably gets sick or mortally ill.

Unfortunately, the routes of economic sanctions and isolation haven't been enormously evident in the past. Nevertheless, we really can't measure how much worse off the world would be if these measures weren't tried in other situations, like in Cuba or Iran. Frankly, economic sanctions contributed to bringing down the Cold War Berlin Wall in Germany and may have finally caused a thaw in Cuban-American relations. (Cuban president dictator Fidel Castro may have had a "call to redemption" when he met with Pope Francis.)

Eventually, somebody in North Korea and in Syria will also create change and reject evil. Let's just hope the evil bookends will topple under the weight of their own tyranny.

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