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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Trump says Mexico pays for a wall - but what about tunnels?

Republican candidate Donald Trump "the Chump" swears, if he's elected the US leader, that he'll build a wall to keep illegal immigrants from entering the US through the Southwest. Moreover, Trumpy says Mexico will pay for the wall. Hello? People who believe this idiotic idea are the same who still want to "buy a bridge in Brooklyn". Building a wall to keep out immigrants is as unproductive and wasteful as keeping all Muslims out of the US. Neither of Trump's stupid concepts will work.
Berlin Wall segment in Portland Maine is a relic of the failed Cold War

Regardless of how Trumponian a wall "the Chump" says he wants to build along the Mexico-US border, given the chance, the fact is, the illegal immigrants have already figured out how to enter the US through sophisticated tunnels. 

A wall might deter some poor people who yearn to be free, by keeping them from crossing the US border, but the illegal cartels will continue to build their clandistine tunnels. Worse, the cartels will likely charge poor people to use the tunnels to enter the US through their illicit networks. In other words, building a wall is a complete waste of time and money. A useless Mexican border wall will be as disruptive as the Cold War's Berlin wall and as archiac as the ancient Great Wall of China.

As a matter of fact, the Mexicans have been creating tunnels for more years than Americans have been told. For example, it's impossible to believe the escape tunnel used by the Mexican drug cartel leader known as El Chapo was something just invented for his use alone. Obviously, tunnel technology is something the Mexican cartels have the engineering ability to accomplish. They created the tunnel used by El Chapo to escape from prison. Surely, the cartels can operationalize their tunnels in record time. This expertise takes experience.

Certainly, digging tunnels isn't rocket science. In Vietnam, the People's Republic defeated the mighty American army during the 1960-70's, by digging tunnels right beneath US military bases (check out Củ Chi tunnels).

Even the primitive Clinton Correctional Center prison escape in upstate New York was engineered with simple digging tools.

Therefore, building a Mexican anti-immigration wall will not work to keep illegal immigrants out of the US.  Trumponian bravado will not be able to create such a wall and the Mexicans certainly are not about to pay for it. In fact, a wall is already part of the Mexican and US border but the barrier has had little impact on illegals entering through other avenues. Indeed, many illegals are showing up and surrendering at border crossings because, at least, they're fed and given a chance when they declare either familial relationships in the US or request asylum, based on political persecution in their native countries.

It's morally wrong for Americans to believe the Trumponian call for creating a wall will somehowkeep illegal immigrants from entering the US. 

Mexico and nations in the Southern Hemisphere are our neighbors and Americans have a moral oblitation to build good relations with these countries. Let's face it, Americans need all our neighbors as trading partners and for allies in the war against terrorism.  

Therefore, it makes no sense to give our neighbors reason to join our enemies or do nothing to help us to win the international war on terrorism. Building a wall will be as useless as the Berlin Wall was in winnign the Cold War.....the Berlin Wall is now a relic and Trumpy's stupid wall is likewise doomed for failure.  
This archiac relic in Portland Maine is part of the failed Berlin Wall. It's hard to say how many people were slain in sight of this wall while trying to escape East Germany.

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