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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Governor Chris Christie must watch who is friends are - a Maine mother's warning

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey hopes to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. He's even received the coveted endorsement of the politically influential New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper. Yet, now he's having to duck and cover because of an endorsement by the unpopular Governor Paul LePage, of Maine. How'd Christie let this happen to him, when the crucial New Hampshire primary is so close?
Governor Christie must watch out who his friends are!!

This unexpected situation was certainly not the time to stumble upon a surprise political challenge, especially from within Christie's own GOP band of groupies - as in Maine's Governor.  Unfortunately, Governor Christie and some on his staff didn't stop to realize just how unpopular Governor LePage was, in both New Hampshire and in Maine, before accepting the endorsement. 

Indeed, the mother's warning about "watching the company you keep" fits, because Governor Christie is now having to explain why he doesn't renounce the endorsement of Governor LePage, due to recent comments reported as "racist", that were made by the Maine chief political executive, and that made national news. 

Of course, Governor LePage has since apologized to the women of Maine for his horrible statement made about them, in reference to drug trafficking. It was an ugly and mean spirited statement made with little correlation to the topic he was speaking about, at the time, being Maine's drug and heroin epidemic. In other words, Governor LePage had no reason to make a claim about men from New York and Connecticut impregnating "white women" in Maine. It was a horrible statement that even he acknowledged was an example of his mouth working out of sync with his brain.

In fact, maybe Governor Christie's staff should check out the Peeple app, a rating device to evaluate your friends like on-line review sites do with books or restaurants.  Here's the website url to give it a try.  It's claims "Peeple" is the "Yelp" for people.

On facebook, at least one outraged young Maine wife and mother posted a lovely family photo with her husband and daughter. This interracial message was a warning to Governor LePage to stop creating racist stereotypes about people like her, that harm her family. She called for the Governor of Maine to be impeached.

Becca Edwards, who described herself as a "white woman" in Maine, posted her message on Facebook and requested for it to be shared:

I usually don't post things like this, but make mama bear mad, anything goes!
Last week the governor in Maine, my state, suggested to the world that if one were to see me (the white girl) and my daughter (the biracial girl) walking down the street, that she is a product of my involvement with a drug dealer from out of state. And even worse, that she wasn't wanted. Things he says don't usually get under my skin, but these words were cruel, infuria...ting, insulting, and full of hate and should not be tolerated. And I am pissed. I have a Masters degree and an excellent job in health care. My daughter's father (the black guy) is....wait for husband! Even more crazy, he's not a drug dealer! What?!? (In fact...) He's a well educated man with an excellent job in education. Yes, in fact. And our daughter, was so wanted. Do me a favor and share this status to show the world what the picture of a biracial family in Maine really looks like, and that we do not support the ignorant (expletive) that is our governor. ‪#‎impeachlepage‬

Unfortunately, Governor LePage has a history of speaking before thinking, but certainly Governor Christie doesn't need to be making excuses for Maine's problem. Meanwhile, if Governor Christie really wants to do well in the important New Hampshire Republican primary election, he would do well to find new friends to follow him around, rather than the controversial groupie Governor LePage.

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