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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Maine Governor LePage and lack of support for drug addiction treatment

Obvioulsy, Maine's Governor LePage has a major problem with "talking points". Although all Maine people want to support efforts to eliminate the state's growing drug trafficking and addiction, the Governor;s campaign to rally citizens to combate the epedimic became focused on him, rather than the issue.

'Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten (us) into", says Stan Laurel to Oliver Hardy. 

Image result for Laurel and Hardy photographs
Stan Laurel (left) and Oliver Hardymade dealing with conundrums part their comedy routine, but Governor LePage blames other for his "messes"

It could be funny exept it's so serious. Drug trafficking and substance abuse addiction is killing and debilitating people at a rapid rate and it's mostly young people who are the vistims. 

Yet, Maine's governor LePage wrongly blamed the state's news media for lack of coverage of the state's growing heroin and drug addiction problems; but his administration cut funding for treatment and prevention. A National Public Radio program explained:

"A cap on the number of opiate addiction patients that doctors can treat means many who want to take Suboxone can't get access to it. In Maine, the governor has reduced funding for the treatment."
Meanwhile, the governor's campaign to catch illegal drug traffickers created national negative news when LePage made a terrible reference to "white women" who he claimed were being impregnated by criminal drug sellers from New York City.

It's bad enough for the state's political leader to insinuate that the state's "white women" are being victimized twice - once by illegal drug dealers and again by the state's governor. Now, these ugly stigmas are drawing negative attention to Maine "the 'serene' way life should be" state, where things like illegal drugs are unnfairly sharing publicity with tourism campaigns.

Maine's governor, unfortunaely, is just a few legislative votes away from the launch of an impeachement campaign based on past actions. He's been severely criticized for abuse of power by interferring with the personal hiring of Maine House Speaker Mark Eaves as the president of the private Goodwill-Hinckley School. Nevertheless, Governor LePage just can't follow talking points. He should follow strict speaking bullets, especially while he cotnnues to incite controvery nearly everywhere he goes. Nevertheless, his negative publicity and incendiary rhetoric are very unbecoming of a chief executive and offensive to many people. 

If Governor LePage really wants to make a difference to impact the Maine problem with heroin, and substance abuse trafficking, and addictions, he  should recommend more funding for treatment and prevention. Additonally, it's imperative for him to stop blaming his own terrible mediia glitches on other innocent people.  

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