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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Social Security beneficiaries need a defense budget

Americans are subjected to daily news about how our US military are fighting Middle Eastern terrorists, using many millions or billions of dollars of super-duper techologies. Meanwhile, the US Congress spent eleven hours of taxpayer paid time on October 21, 2015, drilling Secretary Hillary Clinton about a tragic September 11, 2012 murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, in Benghazi, Libya. 

Yet, the Social Security cost of living allowance in 2016 is zero.

Millions and probably billions of dollars are spent on defense technologies and useless Congresional probings (like the Benghazi inquisitions), while our American Social Security beneficiaries and military retirees are told the low inflation market basket doesn't justify a 2016, paltry cost of living raise. In the past, this cost of living raise has been decreasing to about 1-2 percent.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks about how millionaries, and billionaries are taking money away from the American worker and padding their own greedy pockets.  

Much of the moneies the millionaires and billionaries earn are received through multi million dollar defense contracts awarded to their friends. 

In fact, the millionaires and billionairs are benefiting from the American tax money spent on building strategic equipment for the American military. The military seldom accounts for how the tax money received is actually spent. Maybe, Social Security beneficiaries should sign up to serve in the US Military.  

Of course, many US military veterans receive retirement income as compensation for the years they gave, in their youth, when they defended their nation, while on active duty. Military retirees will not receive a cost of living adjustment in 2016, either, because the US Congress felt the inflation index didn't justify a raise.  

In my opnion, many US miltiary retirees would gladly volunteer to defend our nation again, if asked. Maybe, in so doing, their earned retirement income would justify exemption from Congressional cost of living oversight. In other words, US military retirees would give their lives again for our nation. They deserve a cost of living raise today.

Our nation's Republican driven US Congress talks vehemently about cutting taxes. But, in so doing, the politicians are putting at risk the safety net programs, relied upon by hard working people, to pay for their cruel austerity. Nevertheless, the military budget hardly receives any scrutiny. Moreover, only a few who serve in the US Congress have ever even served in the American military.  

It's time the US Congress puts aside the money needed for a cost of living increase for Social Security beneficiaries and military retirees. These hard working beneficiaries and military retirees have earned their benefits.  On the other hand, the US Congress that decides about authorizing the cost of living raises have only earned scorn for their inability to accomplish anything to help average American citizens. Still, there's a chance to help Social Security beneficiaries and military retirees with a COLA, but the Republcian Congress is planning, instead, how to shut down the American government. It's time Social Security beneficiaries and military retirees take action against the wrong minded decision about no 2016 cost of living increases. 

If the Congress doesn't think these hard working beneficiars earned their cost of living increases, maybe they can ask us where can we sign up to serve in the US military? There's no problem with their budgets. Retirees need a defense budget!

Call the American Associaiton of Retired Persons (AARP) - 1 (888) 687-2277, to insist they use their influence on Congress.

Likewise, let's call our US Senators and Congress to demand the COLA!

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