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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Republicans are whining about future of party

Reince Priebus, the GOP national committee chairman, is whining about how the Grand Old Party is at risk for loss of relevance if another presidential race is lost, in 2016, to the Democrats. This complaining doesn't address the root cause of the daunting "loss" problem. Instead, Priebus should be talking about changing the GOP rather than complaining about "loosing".

Priebus is chair of GOP national committee- sadly predicts the party's furture.

First on the list of solutions to loss of relevance would be to put resources into GOP leadership development.  In my opinion, Donald Trump "the chump" didn't just rise to the top of the band of GOP rivals because of his inept political skills and "frankness". Instead, "the chump" is leading in the polls with an unimpressive 28 percent, because nobody else can lead this radical right wing group of extremists.  

Hypocrisy is a huge problem for Republicans.  These days, it seems like much of the Republican messaging bleeds with hypocrisy.  

For example, Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal austerity. Nevertheless, they waste millions of dollars trying to put extremists into elections, knowing none of them can win in a general election. Moreover, Republicans talk about health care. Yet, as a political party, they don't support Medicare, Obamacare, Medicaid or any other kind of humanitarian program to expand access to quality health care for qualified beneficiaries.  And the list goes on....

So, Reince Priebus gets the broken clock award for being correct about his prediction. The future of the Republican party is grim.

GOP chairman Reince Priebus spoke on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Wednesday. He said, the most severe consequence for the Republican Party if it can’t win back the White House in 2016: survival. "We don’t exist as a national party if we don’t win in 2016,” Priebus told Ingraham. “You can’t compete 16 years out of the White House, it’s just not possible.”

Priebus' hand wringing analysis should beg a follow up question. "So, what's next?"  There's simply no way Trump the Chump, a Republican candidate with only a 28 percent poll number approval from his party, can win a general election.  

Worse, the Republicans don't appear to have a viable alternative to The Chump. 

Some party faithful would like to see Marco Rubio, the Republican Florida Senator, take a leadership role and rise to the top, but he has no outstanding credentials. What Rubio needs is a Kennedy-esque moment or the opportunity to give an inspiring national speech. When he was given a national audience, after one of the Obama campaign debates, Rubio fell flat by sucking on a water bottle as though he hadn't been weaned as a child. Unfortunately, Rubio's campaign operates with reactionary messages, rather than demonstrating a distinctive leadership style.

Therefore, the BIG question is this: Why do Republican continue to spiral into right wing reactionary or obstructionist political campaigns, when they clearly can't win a national election with this extremist messaging?  Well, for one thing, it seems like being right wing is a lucrative profession.  Maybe, the right wing band of GOP rivals, in fact, are the personification of the old vaudeville mantra:
"Say the words.  Take the money.  And go home."  

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