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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Congratulations Prime Minister Elect Justn Trudeau

"I want to say to this country's friends all around the world," he told a rally in Ottawa, "on behalf of 35 million Canadians - we're back," Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister elect.

Canadians have rejected their conservative government, in favor of the young liberal with a French-Canadian name. 

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister elect of Canada!

Justin Trudeau says his administration will put Canada 'back on world stage'.  That's a very ambitious campaign promise. 

Just a few months ago, Justin Trudeau was an unlikely contender to be Canada’s next prime minister. 

Running third in the polls, behind incumbent Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and the resurgent left wing New Democratic party, Trudeau – son of legendary prime minister Pierre Trudeau – was slated as too young (he is 43) and too inexperienced to haul his beleaguered Liberal party out of the electoral mess of the nation's 2011 general election, reported The Guardian.

That result saw the Liberal party – once the dominant force in Canadian politics – slump to third place for the first time in its history, its worst ever showing with just 34 seats. At that point, Trudeau brushed off expectations that he would succeed outgoing Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, saying: “Because of the history packaged into my name, a lot of people are turning to me in a way that … to be blunt, concerns me.” (Nevertheless, he was eventually convinced to lead, in spite of challenges to his leadership.)

His family – he has three young children aged eight and under with his wife Sophie Grégoire – was also cited as a reason not to put himself forward. But by 2012, with other contenders falling by the wayside, the spotlight swung once again to Trudeau, and in October of that year he launched his bid with a rally in Montreal.

Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau, 43, said the country reclaimed its Liberal identity, after a decisive election victory that ended nearly a decade of Conservative rule.

"I want to say to this country's friends all around the world," he told a rally in Ottawa, "on behalf of 35 million Canadians - we're back."

His Liberal Party began the campaign in third place but now has a majority!

Mr. Trudeau, an ex-high-school teacher, is the son of late PM Pierre Trudeau.

The BBC's Nick Bryant in Toronto says there is jubilation, but also an air of nostalgia about his victory, as the prime minister's residence is also his childhood home.

Addressing cheering supporters alternately in French and English, Mr Trudeau said: "This afternoon we can celebrate but the work is only beginning".

He could bolster Canada's relationship with the US, reports BBCNews.

He has promised decisive action on climate change

The environment was one of the top issues for Canadian voters in this election. Justin Trudeau offered a distinct policy from the outgoing Conservative government in this regard. While Stephen Harper refused to sign international climate agreements - and even withdrew Canada from the Kyoto Protocol - Mr Trudeau promised decisive action on climate change. He's pledged to set targets to reduce carbon emissions, and to fund ways to help provinces achieve those goals. 

Moreover, he's also committed to attending the UN climate summit in Paris later this year.

Stronger Canadian-US relations could be an impressive international alliance. Moreover, as Canada's government supports progressive economic policies, the opportunity to attract Americans as international investors will become more attractive. Although Mr. Trudeau will withdraw Canada's support for air strikes against the evil ISIS, he will undoubtedly work with President Obama on an anti-terrorism campaign.  Besides, Canada contributes very little to the international campaign against ISIS.  Perhaps, Trudeau is astute enough to reallocate international resources at home.

Justin Trudeau's surprise election as Prime Minister is also a harbinger for America's 2016 election. Obviously, the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, with his liberal agenda, has surprised many political pundits who assumed Americans weren't ready to support an overtly democratic-socialist candidate. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is certainly paying attention to how Justin Trudeau won his election victory, to become Canada's new prime minister. If Trudeau can win, so can Sanders? 

Also, right wing candidates, those who somehow believe their conservative no-compromise political positions are absolutely right and everybody else is wrong, must be on notice after Trudeau's victory.  There's political change in the air and those who don't respond to the sea turn will be blown away, as a progressive movement, hopefully, takes hold.

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