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Monday, October 19, 2015

Vice-President Biden is a creation of Donald Trump

Continuing drama about whether or not Vice-President Biden will or won't enter the 2016, Democratic Presidential race is the result of Donald Trump's entrance into the mix. 

Vice President Biden should have entered the Democratic primary before now - seeing Donald Trump "The Chump" leading in GOP polls has probably influenced him to now consider entering.  He sees a "Trumponian" opening, not foreseen when the campaigns began. Nevertheless, Mrs. Clinton stood up when others feared to tread.

When the Republican contenders nearly crowned Jeb Bush as the Republican party leader, it was only Hillary Clinton who stood fast to take on the man who many thought would inherit his family's political dynasty. Now, as we see the inept Donald Trump "the Chump" leading Republicans with a precarious 25 - 28 percent poll rating, the idea of winning a Democratic nomination seems achievable to others who, just a few months ago, were glad to see Hillary Clinton go where many others feared to tread.

Now, Vice-President Biden feels he can enter the primary race, because the Republican opponents are completely unqualified to be leader of the free world. Yet, Mrs. Hillary Clinton stepped up when most pundits thought the opponent would be either Jeb Bush or Chris Christie.  Both of these candidates are now on political life support. Shame on Vice-President Biden for letting Mrs. Clinton stand alone, for so long.  Of course, everyone is sympathetic about the loss of Vice-President Biden's wonderful son Beau Biden, who died at a young age, with so much promise in his brilliant career left unfulfilled.  

Nevertheless, Vice-President Biden has had ample time to enter the Democratic primary. Politics is about timing and Vice-President Biden has missed his opening act.  

In fact, if Donald Trump stayed on the sidelines and kept away from politics, I'm sure the pundits would be talking endlessly about Jeb Bush and Chris Christie as the contenders for the GOP nomination. Instead, it's Donald Trump who's leading in the GOP polls. In my opinion, it's Donald Trump who has driven Vice-President Biden to re-consider running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.  But, he should have stood up to the GOP before he realized how Donald Trump "the Chump" might be the nominee.  He missed his opening.

Although I understand how Vice-President feels about continuing President Obama's progressive agenda, he should have stood up long ago to protect the legacy his boss created.  Now, it's time for Vice-President Biden to support Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

I submit the Donald Trump candidacy and his lead in the GOP polls has created the Vice-President Biden option. Unfortunately, the Vice-President shouldn't use Donald Trump the Chump as his political litmus paper.  

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