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Friday, October 16, 2015

Republican austerity equals fiscal hypocrisy

Republican continue to give money to candidates who clearly are not producing results! What happened to the party of fiscal accountability?

With third quarter fiscal campaign reports now public, the Republicans are splitting their campaign donations between a list of unimpressive candidates. Financial support for a litany of loosing candidates strikes me as being fiscally irresponsible. 

Although Republicans carry on like wild hyenas at the hunt about how they claim taxpayer money is wasted, they don't appear to care about throwing their money into loosing political campaigns. 

There's unlikely any of the current GOP candidates are positioned to win the 2016 presidential election. Nevertheless, Republicans are throwing their money at a list of political wannabees. It must be nice to have so much money to waste!

Most surprising about the GOP's 3rd quarter 2015 filing report is how Jeb Bush was unable to raise more money than the political novice and competitor, Dr. Ben Carson.  

Of all the GOP candidates who are raking in the dough from their ideological supporters, it's only Jeb Bush who's closest to being electable as the leader of the free world.  Yet, his relative lackluster fund raising is an indication that supporters are turning cool on his candidacy.

Ted Cruz is an out of tune cacophony of hypocrisy, but he continues to soak up money. He leads the hypocritical GOP pack with a birth certificate stamped in Canada and an anti-immigration platform that would make the Ku Klux Klan seem moderate, in comparisom. Of all the candidates, "Cruz to Loose" is the most extreme, the Elmer Gantry of the US Senate and a disgrace to his Senatorial colleagues, who he labels with the unpatriotic name of being members of a "cartel".  If Senators are members of a cartel, what does that horrible label say about the voters who elected them?  Cruz to Loose is a right wing fund raiser. He's only in the contest so he can give speeches and soak up dough.  

As far as fiscal austerity goes, the Jeb Bush campaign should have a lot of explaining to do because his money coffers have been the most drained by spending.  In fact, Jeb has less available cash than his competitors. What happened to the millions he raised, even before he announced his much touted candidacy?

(CNN)  In fact, Jeb Bush built a formidable campaign with top-flight staff in all the early states and announced a respectable third-quarter haul of $13.4 million. But with only $10 million cash-in-hand, the big question is, how can he sustain his fund raising momentum when he's not producing leadership results?

"No more shock and awe", reports the The Washington Post. Indeed, it appears as though Jeb Bush has become just another guy in a crowded field of presidential aspirants. The former Florida governor spent 86 percent of the money he collected over the past three months, burning through $11.5 million of the $13.4 million that he raised. It was expected that he would raise $25 million.

Jeb’s third quarter report, filed hours before deadline, showed Bush with less cash on hand right now than Ted Cruz (to loose!), Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. The struggling campaign slashed staff salaries and tried to cut costs in other ways, including requiring the use of cheaper hotels.

Well, slashing staff salaries does nothing to improve the candidate's morale! 

As for cutting hotel costs, the campaign budget should have provided for the cost of reasonable accommodation,s before sliding into an austerity mode.

It makes virtually no sense for Republican contributes to give their dollars to candidates who don;t practice the fiscal austerity policies the party is supposed to support.  Instead, they'd be better off using their considerable campaign contributions to fund a foundation to recruit better and more electable political candidates.  

At this point in the fund raising season, it looks like less may, in fact, actually be best. Incredibly, the leading GOP right wing radical Donald Trump "the Chump" has raised the least and gained the most. Nonetheless, Republican donors are still giving lots to loosing candidates while not demanding accountability for improving their performance in the polls.  

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