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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Syrian crisis ecalates while the Congressional Republicans invent Benghazi news

What a day! Three years after Benghazi, the US Congress continues to make a spectacle out of a tragedy. 

But this was a failed attempt.

Nevertheless, thank goodness Mrs. Hillary Clinton has taken the time to respond to the Benghazi Congressional partisan witch hunt committee. 

Obviously, nothing will bring back the tragic loss of lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the heroic colleagues who tried to protect him in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  

Yet, the responses Mrs. Clinton gave to the Congressional public hearing in today's daunting Congressional investigation will improve her credibility with the public.

Tax payer money has been wasted on a bogus partisan Benghazi witch hunt. In the televised Congressional hearings, the Republicans reinvented old information about the tragic Benghazi incident. Meanwhile, the Russians are escalating the situation in the growing Syrian crises. Thousands of refugees are risking their lives fleeing from Syria. 

In fact, Syrians are swarming into Central Europe like a humanitarian tidal wave, while Russia's President Putin makes a power move to protect the evil Syrian President Assad, by engaging troops and air power to defend his failed leadership.

It makes no sense for the US Congress to continue to engage the nation in a daunting and useless Benghazi investigation. 

Republicans are wasting tax payer time and money investigating a 3 year old incident, while the US really needs assurance about how we're to protect our national interest. Our nation is in another crises, defending against a deteriorating international and growing war with evil, and dangerous enemies, like Putin's support for Assad and ISIS in the Middle East.

What the Republicans are doing to Mrs. Hillary Clinton is akin to slanderous torture of an American citizen.

Dear Mrs. Clinton, please accept my sincere apology. 



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