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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Refugee crises in Central Europe will tip ethnic balance

President Assad of Syria is only one man, but his evil regime is causing chaos for his people and, by extension, causing a humanitarian crises in Europe. Yet, he's only one man. 

Syrian refugees leaving for Europe by the tens of thousands

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has confounded many observers by holding on to power for more than three years in the face of a rebellion by a large part of the population.  But he's only one man.
Thousands of Syrian refugees are swarming into Central Europe in their efforts to reach Germany. These despearate refugees will eventually tip the ethnic balance throughout Europe. In other words, Europe will become a Syrian annex. There's just no stopping the proponderance of growing Syrian infiltration. It's just a matter of time when the social unrest caused by accomodating an unmanagemable immigrant population will cause internal government unrest.   Now, even friendly Slovakia is limiting the numbers being allowed entry into this small nation.

Obviously, Europeans won't solve the refugee problem. They are only reacting by taking in as many as possible.  Governments are stretching very thin resources trying to accommodate the growing number of immigrants, but they aren't focused on the source of the crises.

At the source of this humanitarian crises is one man. He is Bashar al-Assad President of Syria. He's one man who's responsible for the genocide of half of his Syrian nation's population. Assad is a puppet of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Therefore, the reign of Assad is limited to his usefulness. Putin is clearly using the puppet government to extend Russia's borders outside of the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Syrian refugees are consuming European resources, while Putin smugly waits until the weight of the problem tanks all of Europe.

But, Assad is only one man.  Now, of course, the crises he caused has reached the point of no return. Assad must be removed from power and a provisional government should try to recruit Syrians to return home.  Assad is only one man.  As the source of the catastrophic humanitarian disaster he created, he must be tried for crimes against humanity. Moreover, the Syrians, who lost everything because of his genocide, must receive their homes back and compensation for what was lost. This retribution may take decades, but it will have to happen.  The world cannot forget.

Meanwhile, the ethnic balance in Central Europe will cause another source of social problems.  In fact, after the Syrian refugees are finally settled, Europe may never be the same again.

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