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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Tragic Fort Hood deja vu more preventable gun violence on a secure military base

American news continues to be consumed by preventable gun violence incidents. These seemingly limitless incidents cause deaths and injuries, because of the unregulated access people have to own and use weapons that cause death.

Although we seem to be inoculated against street gun violence caused by gangs, the deadly incidents on military bases are particularly concerning. These bases are supposed to be the places where our nation is being defended against terrorism. Now, the bases are apparently the places where domestic terrorism incidents are clustering.

It's time for the Second Amendment rulings of our United States Supreme Court to be held responsible for individuals who abuse the liberty. I've always been reluctant to hold the high court responsible for an individuals behavior, but when the Second Amendment trumps the rights of people to be protected from those who abuse this constitutional liberty, then the court must be replaced. 

Has anyone thought about a class action suit by victims of gun violence against the US Supreme Court? Of course, such action would just be a gesture, but it would get attention and might even remind the high justices about their moral obligation to balance the law with the protection of innocent people.

Now, Americans are faced with a seemingly deja vu gun violent incident at Fort Hood. This is the same military base where Hasan, the Army terrorist who perpetrated the 2009 crime, has yet punished although, even though he admits to the crime.

Our US Supreme Court has clearly lost it's way as a moral compass for Americans. The Court's libertarian leanings have done nothing whatsoever to support average Americans living in the 21st Century. Deja vu violence is being supported because of concrete interpretations of the US Constitution written to protect citizens who lived in the late 18th century.  

I'm not qualified to be a law commentator, but it's clearly wrong for the Supreme Court to continue supporting unbridled Second Amendment Rights. 

It seems like Americans need to find protection from the US Supreme Court and dangerous rulings by right wing justices.

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