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Monday, March 31, 2014

Republicans again courting a mainstream candidate Governor Jeb Bush but same old same old with pedigree name

Republicans are justifiably worried about supporting an extremist candidate for 2016 US presidential election.  

Mainstream Republicans, in the past, have supported Senator John McCain in 2008 and Governor Mitt Romney in 2012, because they were reaching to attract politically mainstream voters who never showed up to vote for their candidates.

Now, these Republicans are courting former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to follow the McCain-Romney cycle of candidates, who didn't quite make the election cut. 

Will "third time be the charm"?  Is Jeb Bush like the fairy tale Goldilocks bear, the one who gets it just right?

Well, let's find out what kind of campaign strategy Jeb Bush might support. Immigration reform? Jeb Bush supports what the right wing of his Republican party abhors, ie, a path to citizenship.  Health Care Reform? Jeb Bush will certainly be asked if he will repeal Obamacare and, indeed, he'll have to provide an answer.  

DC Decoder blog reports how Jeb Bush is tanned and rested. But, is he ready to run for president? That’s what some Republican Party bigwigs are asking as they quietly court the former Florida governor for 2016, according to a lengthy report in the Washington Post.

These members of the GOP elite – a mix of Romney campaign veterans, big money donors, and party establishment officials – are in search of a candidate to back who they think can actually win the White House. ("Romney?" OMG. Where's the Groucho Marx "You Bet Your Life" duck? If "Romney" is the secret word it's going to be like a Groucho Marx drop down duck.)  

Imagine Governor Jeb Bush in a political debate with former Secretary of State and US Senator Hillary Clinton.

Secretary  Clinton - "What do you think about protecting women's health and the right to access contraception?"

Now, same question to Governor Bush.  "Governor Bush???? Did you hear the question....? Hello?"

Governor Bush might be an attractive Republican candidate because he carries a pedigree name, but he's more than likely a Romney in Bush clothing.  

Yet, there's an advantage with Governor Bush being a Roman Catholic convert and his wife's Latino heritage. Although these demographics might give Bush a different cut of cloth from the Romney tuxedo, it remains to be seen if he'd really carry these constituencies, when his position on policies will likely be skewed to the GOP's right wing, in order to win their support.  

Obviously, Governor Bush is a more attractive GOP presidential candidate than alternatives who have delusions of being nominated, like Rand Paul or others of his right wing kind. But, when it comes down to Republicans winning a presidential election, based on their positions on the national issues voters really care about, Bush is just the same old, same old, with a pedigree name.

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