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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Malaysian Airline Flight 370 reveals sophisiticated spy technology but can't determine terror of unknown origin

Although dozens of theories continue to proliferate about what happened to the missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370, one still undisputed fact is that this mystery has raised airline terrorism to a new level of clandestine horror. Even more once promising leads to the location of the airplane are leading nowhere.  

It's imperative for the world to find Malaysian Flight 370 to determine what happened, why and how to prevent such a traumatic event from ever again happening.

Whoever pre-meditated the disappearance of the still phantom Boeing 777 airplane, this person or persons created an unanticipated outcome. In searching for the airplane, all the spy technology being used by nations to monitor one another are now taking center stage. China, France, Australia...and probably others as well as the US, are taking turns focusing their "high in the atmosphere" satellites to look beneath the ocean to find "debris". Only Russia hasn't participated in this search, which is suspect. Is it possible Russia isn't participating because the Napoleonic leader President Putin doesn't want to reveal anything about how his country's spy technology operates? Certainly, Putin doesn't care about an airplane full of missing Chinese and Malaysian people, with a few unlucky American victims on board. Why risk disclosing Russia's spy satellite capabilities when there's nothing for Russia to gain from such an endeavor. Since Putin has lost his soul with his land grabbing Napoleonic grandeur, he isn't about to lower himself to help find missing people on a phantom airplane, unless doing so allows him to also invade yet another country.

Searchers for Malaysian airlines flight 370 are understandably frustrated and the families of the missing passengers are beyond distraught. They're confused by nearly non-stop theories, speculation and the drip-drip-drip of facts without any conclusions. 

Now, new information from an unauthorized source describes how flight 370 flew at only 12,000 feet after making the intentional turn.
CNN reports, military radar tracking shows that the aircraft changed altitude after making a sharp turn over the South China Sea as it headed toward the Strait of Malacca, a source close to the investigation into the missing flight told CNN. The plane flew as low as 12,000 feet at some point before it disappeared from radar, according to the source.

The sharp turn seemed to be intentional, the source said.

My theory about what happened is just as valid as any other I've heard from experts or lay theorists. The disappearance of Malaysian airline flight 370 is an act of terrorism of unknown origin. It's imperative for the world, including the arrogant President Putin in Russia, to get to the bottom of what happened and why, to determine how to prevent any future horrendous airline tragedies.  

Although the dead end search leads are becoming expensive and frustrating, the world must find this airplane for the sake of the families of the passengers and to determine what act of terrorism took place on the phantom aircraft.

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