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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

US Supreme Court has a chance to prove there's a right wing war on women - or not

It's surreal to be blogging about how the US Supreme Court is asked to rule on a woman's right to access reproductive health care. After eons of being at the whim of men's sexual freedom, women finally achieved reproductive choice, only to have right wing zealots challenge this hard won right.

This incredible assault on women's right to contraception came about because right wing conservative religious groups want to flex their political might. This is an expensive way to challenge government health care. It's disappointing to see the Supreme Court dragged into the decision, about whether or not corporations have religious liberty and thereby are exempt from paying for contraception. If the Supreme Court protects a corporation's right to religious freedom, this incredulous ruling will undoubtedly open a Pandora's box of other claims to undermine the rights of people who don't happen to agree with religious zealots.  As with the Citizens United ruling, whereby corporations now have free speech rights, the idea that these concrete organizations would also have religious freedom is even more ludicrous.  

Freedom's are gifted to human beings with souls - corporations have no souls and, therefore, should not be considered to have human properties. I suspect the US Supreme Court needs a very urgent course on the properties of the Homo sapiens human species. We members of this animal group, have souls. Corporations do not.

Religious liberty was never intended to trump individual rights. After all, even the Bible supports the gift of free will as a divine gift to all mankind. (Proverbs 16:9 - The heart of a man plans his way but the Lord establishes his steps.)

Nevertheless, if the US Supreme Court wants to validate the right wing's war on women, all they need do is support the claim of corporations to prevent health coverage for contraception. My hope is, the Supreme Court will rule against corporations and in favor of the individuals, in support of coverage for contraception. But, if this ruling goes right wing, perhaps it will wake women up, those who are ambiguous about their rights to reproductive health care, feeling it might always be there for them. A right wing ruling in favor of corporations will have the unintended benefit of putting every right wing Republican on notice that women will vote them all out of office! But, let's hope the US Supreme Court will protect humans over corporations and not create another Citizens United fiasco.

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