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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Looking into Putin's soul"- Neocons alert:

President George Bush saw President Vladimir Putin's soul.  
So, where did it go?

Somebody please call President George Bush and ask him to look into Russian President Putin's soul, again.  Please?

Crooks and Liars blog reports:

Conservatives have been bashing President Obama for telling Vladimir Putin to stay out of the Ukraine or consequences would follow. Funny how quiet they were when George Bush had a man-crush on him.

Now that President Putin is ambitiously invading any country he chooses to own, it appears he has finally lost the soul seen by President Bush. He's clearly exhibiting delusions of the old Czarist Russia. 

Perhaps Putin sold his soul to get enough money to build up Sochi for his elaborate winter 2014 Olympic Games.  

A showcase for the face of a new Russia was touted at Sochi, but in fact, Putin's vision is regressive rather than progressive. 

Rather, Putin is resurrecting the old Russia. Unfortunately, many among his adoring population are buying this scheme. They're like pre-World War II Germany, when many fell hook line and sinker (Jews notwithstanding, of course) for Hitler's delusional world dominance plan. Putin is acting like Napoleon and Hitler rolled into one dictator. Indeed, they're a trifecta of ambitious leaders. It's unlikely even George Bush can find one soul in the trio.

Apparently, Putin lost his soul somewhere and maybe President George Bush is the person who can find it.  

This "soul rescue" must happen fast, because Putin has abandoned any moral compass he may have had, at one time. He's simply taking on the world, regardless of the consequences to his people.

Consequences will be catastrophic if Russia consumes the Ukraine. This urgent response won't necessarily be as a result of world outrage. Instead, the catastrophe will be a revolution from among the dissident groups now building within Russia.

Putin's behavior is building a Russian revolution that may dwarf the 1917 massacre. These groups are: nationalist Ukrainians, exiled Syrians, Volgograd terrorists, Georgians, political prisoners in Siberia and marginalized Muslims in places like Dagestan, to name some.  

Russia's terrorism threats from within were temporarily interrupted by World War II and the Cold War, but the country's ethnic and political turmoil has been like smoldering volcanoes ready to erupt without notice.

Putin clearly wants to re-create the Russian empire of the Czarist era. If his delusions continue, he'll find himself, along with some of the temporarily euphoric Russians, in the same situation as the tragic House of Romanovs, in 1917.  All dead.

Neocons should demand for President Bush to locate Putin's soul as fast as he can, before it's forever lost and takes the Russian people into another political abyss, reminiscent of 1917.

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