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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Republican Hypocrisy List

Here's my list of the five most hypocritical positions Republicans promote in their campaigns to mislead American voters about public policy and Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act):

1.  Immigration Reform -  Every person who lives in the United States, who is not an indigenous population, like Native American, Eskimos or Hawaiians, are otherwise the descendants of immigrants. Therefore, none of us has the right to deny US citizenship to any qualified immigrant, when our ancestors worked hard to gain this status on our behalf. It's hypocritical to deny today's immigrants the status we share with our ancestors.

2.  Income Inequality- There's no proof that paying people a higher minimum wage hurts the economy. Republicans use scare tactics when they promote this false premise. America's economy has grown with every minimum wage increase authorized for US workers. Republicans are hypocritical when they oppose increasing the minimum wage, because the only reason they support this stubborn position is because they're focused on greed, rather than on the welfare of hard working people.

3.  Contraception - fifty years ago, right wing radicals and Protestant Evangelicals didn't say "boo" about contraception. Now, for some reason, these religious zealots are bedroom police. I predict these right wing religious groups will loose women in their flocks if they continue preaching against the use of certain kinds of contraception. The hypocrisy of this anti-contraception campaign is knowing, with 99 percent accuracy, that every person who  supports the campaigns had a mother who somehow practiced birth control, in one way or another. Therefore, it's hypocrisy for Republicans to support anti-contraception campaigns when their public policy initiatives advocate for cutting the funds to programs that help women and children who need income assistance.

4.  Revenue Sharing- Republicans are toxic on taxes, yet when it comes to sharing the wealth with their corporate friends, loopholes and competitive contracts abound. It's hypocritical for Republicans to obstruct tax initiatives for the purpose of revenue sharing for the public good, while, at the same time, supporting programs whereby defense and private contractors obtain incentives with government tax money to create corporate profits.

5.  Obamacare health care reform -  Republicans use Obamacare as a red herring, holding up President Obama's health care reform initiative as though it's a smelly fish. This hypocritical betrayal of the health care reform law is seditious behavior. In fact, Republicans have absolutely no alternative plan to provide health insurance for millions of people, who need coverage and are willing to pay for the insurance. A small percentage of people say they will pay more for coverage because of the cost of implementing Obamacare, but the truth be told, their premiums would've gone up regardless of any health care reform initiatives. It's hypocritical for Republicans to oppose the implementation of Obamacare, when they have no public policy to present to the American people as an alternative.  

In fact, the most hypocritical Republican position is their support for Christian values, while turning a blind eye to their moral obligation to recognize and support social justice, including income equality and revenue sharing.    

Democrats must raise awareness among voters about what's at risk if Republicans are allowed to control government. 

Let's remove Republicans form political office who are overtly hypocritical.  That means all of them.

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