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Monday, March 24, 2014

With a 13 percent approval rating American can't possibly re-elect the John Boehner Congress in the 2014 mid term elections

With a miserable 13 percent approval rating the 2014 election is predicted to reward the John Boehner Congress?

Cruising through twitter messages, and listening to pundits predicting the 2014 mid term elections doesn't provide much hope for President Obama to have a majority of Democrataic Congressioonal support during his last two years in office.

It's a mystery to me, how the Congress led by John Boehner, who can't get anything done, would be rewarded with another majority of Republicans elected in 2016, and thereby continue obstructing all of President Obama's progressive initiatives.

It's terribly frustrating for Democrats, who voted in a decisive majority to support President Obama's re-election, to see his vision for our nation be completely obstructed by a Congress with a miserable 13 percent approval rating. Then, to see the potential for this lower than cockroach approval record Congress re-elected, seems like voters are smoking something.

Maybe, global climate change is having a psychedelic impact on some thought processes. Americans who suggest a Congress with a 13 percent approval record should be re-elected must be experiencing oxygen deprivation, or something similar, to distort political reasoning.

Now, it even seems like the US Supreme Court will hand Republicans an issue they can wave like a flag of approval, as though they're in a NASCAR race. Unbelievably, it's possible the US Supreme Court will listen to arguments about a woman's right to contraception. My cynical hope is to see the US Supreme Court rule to restrict a woman's right to access contraception, because in so doing, American women would finally wake up to realize how far right Republicans have gone in declaring a war on our right to reproductive health care. Nevertheless, a reality check also reminds me of how it's the poor who are harmed the most by these grandiose Court decisions. Consequently, there's no point in fantasizing about how women will respond to such a personal ruling when innocent people will be harmed, if the Court somehow restricts access to contraception. Although restrictions on access to contraception seems incredulous, in convoluted Republican thinking, all that's possible must be considered.

Nevertheless, obviously Americans have a low opinion of our obstructionist US Congress. It's time to vote all of them out of office. Yet, for some unexplained reason, the polls are indicating a Republican take over of both the House and Senate.

God Save Us from being entirely obstructed by a 13 percent approval rating governing group.

It doesn't need to happen. If all the people who voted for President Obama come out to vote in 2014, the Republican Congress would be out of work and Americans could finally embrace a progressive agenda. It makes no sense for a 13 percent approval rating group to somehow win re-election. So, Americans must wake up to this potential and prevent such a disaster by voting all Republicans out of office. Let these obstructionist Republican live on the unemployment benefits they are so reluctant to provide for others.

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