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Friday, March 28, 2014

Democrats have a legacy in Obamacare but the message is trumped by myths

Republicans have no alternative to ObamaCare. If any Republican has an alternative to ObamaCare or the reform initiatives included in the Affordable Care Act, they'd better stand up and reveal their secret program soon, before Americans realize the independence of having their own private health insurance.  

For the first time, Americans who want to buy health care insurance will be free to do so, without regard for the budget considerations of their employers.  

Moreover, here are other important advantages of ObamaCare:

Here are the facts about the benefits of ObamaCare:

New Health Insurance Marketplaces (AKA Exchanges) allow shoppers to compare Health Plans that include all new benefits, rights and protections.

• Cost assistance is provided to individuals, families and small businesses through the marketplace.

No annual or lifetime limits on healthcare.!!!

• Insurance companies can't drop you when you are sick or for making a mistake on your application.

• You can't be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Learn More About Healthcare and Pre-existing Conditions.

• You have the right to quickly appeal any health insurance company decision.

• You have the right to get an easy-to-understand summary about a health plan’s benefits and coverage.

• Young Adults can stay on their parent's plan until 26.

• A large improvement to women's health services.

• Reforms to the healthcare industry to cut wasteful spending.

• Better care and protections for seniors.

• New preventative Services at no-out-of pocket costs.

• Essential health benefits like emergency care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and maternity and newborn care must be included on all non-grandfathered plans at no out-of-pocket limit.

• You can't be charged more based on health status or gender.

• Plus many more benefits, rights and protections.

Know the Law. The Affordable Care Act contains 10 titles, each title addresses a different aspect of health carereform. Title I Quality, affordable health care for all Americans addresses most of the new benefits, rights, and protections. Check out our Summary of Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for a plain English summary of each provision pertaining to the "benefits of ObamaCare".

Each new benefit, right and protection is part of one of ObamaCare's provisions. As you can see by the image below some of the most popular Provisions in the Affordable Care Act are the ones that the least amount of people are aware of.

Unfortunately, even with the good news reports about how ObamaCare is covering millions of people, regardless of pre-existing conditions, the Republicans are convincing voters that providing health insurance coverage to people, who are paying for the coverage, is somehow totally awful.

Democrats must wake up fast to educate the public about how Obamacare works.  People need to understand how Obamacare is paid for by beneficiaries and it's a good start to more progressive insurance reforms. Most importantly, an alternative to the plan doesn't exist. 

Meanwhile, the Republicans are "step by step" convincing American voters that ObamaCare isn't working, while millions of people are signing on for benefits.  

If Republicans get away with their charade about ObamaCare, the Democrats will will find themselves in a barrel being pushed over the political equivalent of Niagara Falls. 

In the 2014 elections, if Republican get away with misrepresenting ObamaCare and control legislative government as a result, Americans will be stuck with the alternative of having no reforms at all.  Let's hope American voters who continue to sign up for ObamaCare are quickly realizing the value of protecting their access to health care insurance by voting in 2014 to put all Republican out of office.

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