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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Mystery flight MH370 disappearance facts boomerang conspiracy theories fill information gaps families agonize

It had to eventually happen. Conspiracy theorists have found information about a link between Malaysian airlines flight MH370 and the military base and interment facilities on Diego Garcia, located in the Indian Ocean. In the absence of facts, theories are in a boomerang state, whereby one piece of information circulates but nothing is being resolved in the process.

Although this tangential Diego Garcia connection has been a question in my mind, because, frankly, I've virtually no doubt that the missing airliner was tracked by radar located on Diego Garcia, the possibility of a survivor having released information from this location is preposterous. Whoever is responsible for this misinformation is just as guilty of criminal activity as are the persons who are ultimately found to be responsible for sabotaging the airplane, in the first place.  

As with any and all mysteries, even with accurately reported historical facts, conspiracy theories will fill gaps when ordinary people can't fathom circumstances beyond our control.  Unfortunately, with the incredibly weird and unexplained disappearance of Malaysian airlines MH370, a Boeing 777 aircraft, the conspiracy theories preempted the facts. This is a serious communications problem the Malaysians will have to endure for the foreseeable future. Indeed, there's no reason for the Malaysian government to be so inept about their investigation into the disappeared airliner, where 270 innocent passengers vanished along with the airplane. Nevertheless, given avoidable communications glitches, the conspiracy theorists are now fueled with ambiguities to further. For example, when Malaysian airlines released what was claimed to be the last recorded words from the airplane's cockpit, what was their reasoning to wait two weeks before changing the story to another set of words? Either release no recorded words at all or release them all. It's inexcusable to leave open ambiguity about this kind of easily traced documentation.

I've little doubt about the "black photograph", released from some coordinates near Diego Garcia, as being a real digital picture. Nevertheless, I have no confidence, whatsoever, that the picture was released by a MH370 passenger named Wood. This unproved story is a set up, to fuel conspiracy theories and raises the unlikely possibility of survivors. Cruel misinformation like a "black photograph" will further agonize surviving family  members beyond their already stretched emotional limits.  

Diego Garcia exists and there are islands in the Maldives where, no doubt, an airliner could've conceivably crash landed. But a "black photograph" would not be the way a frantic passenger would've tried to send an SOS. Rather, the message would've been more like, "we crashed someplace please rescue us," or, just a plain Mayday or SOS.  

Whoever's responsible for the "black photograph" should be tried on grounds of conspiracy to obstruct the progress towards finding the cause of the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370.  The world must find out what happened to this flight, to prevent this unprecedented incident from ever again happening.

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