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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Texas Senator John Cornyn has no business standing in tragic Fort Hood news conference - he voted to cut veterans benefits and supports NRA

In the midst of extraordinary tragedy, Republican Texas Senator Cornyn is a disgusting hypocrite. While voting to cut veterans benefits, he sanctimoniously stood beside a magnificent Lt. General Willey, who was appropriately mourning the loss of life by gun violence on Fort Hood, during today's press debriefing.  

Senator Cornyn, your presence at the press conference on April 3rd, alongside a heroic Lt. General Willey, frankly, made me sick.

Looking respectably sympathetic and calling for prayers, the unconvincing Texas Senator John Cornyn, wearing funeral appropriate suit and tie, was in full view during the televised debrief with heroic Lt. General Willey. Indeed, Wiley spoke expertly to the press about another tragic mass shooting at Fort Hood Texas.

Senator Cornyn, on the other hand, had no  business standing alongside Lt.General Willey. He looked like the undertaker welcoming the hearse.

Cornyn was inappropriate. Nevertheless, not one journalist asked Senator Cornyn, during the press conference, about why he lets the National Rifle Association support him when their right wing politics prevents gun regulations that would save lives.  

Instead, Senator Cornyn sanctimoniously took an upstaging position alongside a clearly competent and appropriately mourning Lt. General Willey, because, in my opinion, the  politician wanted to be seen on television standing beside a military general.  

Dear Senator Cornyn, you looked absolutely out of place in your suit and tie standing next to Lt. General Willey. By the way, Senator Cornyn, were you among those Republican Senators who voted to cut military retirement and benefits for veterans?

Indeed, Senator Conyn voted to cut veterans benefits but he stood beside a Lt. General to upstage a press conference.

After a veterans’ benefits bill backed by Democrats failed to survive a filibuster in the Senate Thursday, Texas Sen. John Cornyn said he voted against the bill because it would have created more difficulties for veterans seeking help through the Veterans Administration. (Hello? What kind of convoluted reasoning is this?)

The bill, introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), would have provided $12 billion in medical, educational and job-training benefits. It attracted 56 votes _ four short of the 60 votes it needed to advance.   Thank you Senator Sanders.....

Cornyn said, “Without question, after all our veterans and their families have sacrificed for this country, they deserve the very best in benefits and care.”

Well, this is outrageous hypocrisy from Senator Cornyn, who voted tp cut veterans benefits while standing beside a US Army General who was trying to console a grieving community.

Dear Senator Cornyn, if the active duty Army man who murdered innocent people at Fort Hood and then killed himself could've been helped by having access to more intense mental health care, then those who died as a result of his gunshots are partly  your responsibility. I pray for all the victims of the Fort Hood massacres, including those murdered when Major Malik Hasan shot innocent people on the same base during a 2009 massacre.

I simply can't understand the ego of Senator John Cornyn. He should not have been seen on CNN and the international news media wearing an undertaker's uniform, while a Lt. General of the US Army was so appropriately providing supportive information to the press today, one day after the shootings.

Texans must vote Senator Cornyn  out of office. He's clearly an example of how American politicians should not behave in a crises. Senator Cornyn should be calling for more money to fund veterans programs instead of consuming oxygen at a press conference where he had nothing to contribute to preventing future gun violence deaths at Fort Hood, or anywhere else.  

Thank you Lt. General Willey for your steadfast leadership during the crises at Fort Hood.

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