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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Republicans Are Circling the Drain

Many in the GOP act like they're expecting a white knight to leap out of a political fairy tale to save their downward political spiral.  Obviously, these partisans aren't connected with the reality of the majority of Americans, who disagree with their political management of many of social, economic and fiscal problems.

Indeed, Americans have a very low opinion about the the US Congress. Polls consistently show how only one in ten Americans approve of the job the US Congress is doing, yet, Republican leadership isn't listening. House Speaker John Boehner has done virtually nothing to improve the GOP brand. Moreover, Boehner now sees his own approval rating tanking.

Using a politically macabre metaphor, Republicans are "circling the drain" unless they take decisive actions to mainstream their dismal leadership and management images.

Some might say, "good riddance" to the right wing GOP. Nonetheless, my take is that a conservative political party serves our Democracy well by providing balance to having too much power in one branch of government.  Nevertheless, political obstinacy and obstructionism are not what the GOP should do, just to please their right wing constituents.  

Unfortunately, Republicans risk loosing their legitimacy, unless they lead by consensus building, facilitate through compromise and seek common ground on polarizing issues.

Here are a few common sense tips the Republicans and House Speaker John Boehner might consider to improve their image:

1.  Comply with the message American voters sent in the 2012 Presidential election.  President Obama won decisively, get over it.

2.  Allow all legislative proposals put forth to help solve the "fiscal cliff" crises looming on January 1st, to be voted on in the Congress. Don't stymie all potential solutions just because you "can".

3.  Stand up to supporters in the National Rifle Association by making a decisive statement about the Association's undue influence in Washington DC and vote to condemn all gun violence.

4.  Agree to increase taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year, which, by the way, might well include some of their own family incomes.

5.  Accept the majority will of Americans who don't want to see Social Security and Medicare programs cut, espeically considering these are contribution benefits; in other words, these two social programs are not free.

Obviously, Republicans should listen to the will of the majority, regardless of what a minority of influential constituents tell them to do.  Unless Republicans listen, their entire political party will continue to circle the drain until the 2014 election, when voters have an opportunity to pull the "flush chain".  

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