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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plan "B" is for "Boehner"- Wasting Taxpayer Money

Incongruity seems like the new normal for typically conservative Republicans, who tout balanced budgets and tax reforms, but insiset on wasting taxpayer money by getting paid to get nothing of substance accomplished.
Politiicans like House Speaker Boehner and his gang, who harumph about entitlements, are in discourd with their own sources of revenue. In fact, they're paid by the same tax payers who contribute to the social programs and entitlements they politically disdain.

Yet, Republican tax hawks insist on keeping Congress in Washington DC up until and including Christmas, for the purpose of playing a game of political "chicken" with President Obama.  Although the President has put several compromise proposals on the "table", all of them have been rejected, not even brought to the floor for a vote, because, it's possible one of them might just pass and everyone could go home.  But, Republicans to like wasting waste taxpayers' time and money, rather than to see the fiscal cliff crises responsibly resolved through compromise.

When Boehner calls for the House of Representatives to vote on his "Plan B", rather than on a Presidential compromise proposal, he's truly wasting tax payer money, because the Senate has declared this one sided approach to deficit reduction "dead on arrival".

"The move, dubbed 'Plan B' by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, seems to be aimed at upping the year-end pressure on Capitol Hill Democrats and President Barack Obama, but it looks to be a dead letter in the Senate and earned a White House veto threat Wednesday."

Incongruity has taken over the moral minds of Republicans. They talk the talk about entitlement reforms, while they consume taxpayer money in their substantial salaries, just to be obstructionists, rather than political leaders, while getting nothing accomplished.

Boehner's "Plan B" is for "bull----" and he knows it won't work, but insists on making a flamboyant grandstanding vote out of a failed effort.  Incongruity has run amok in the Republican party.  

Republicans have seriously lost their political way and their moral compass is totally askew.  

It's time for a thorough investigation of the US Congress to determine whether or not the once august institution is worth paying for anymore.  



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