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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Second Amendment Zealots and the Mirror

Americans expect our Second Amendment Rights to own guns will be protected by the US Constitution. Yet, the zealots to screech against any form of gun control forget about the rights of innocent people who are increasingly caught in the crossfire of this freedom run amok.

When Second Amendment zealots look in the mirror, they should see the faces of innocent victims of preventable gun violence hauntingly looking back at them.

Some zealots are calling for even more guns rather than controls of any kind.  They want to rationalize away the guilt of protecting excessive Second Amendment rights by claiming everyone should carry a gun for personal protection.  What kind of gun do these zealots recommend?  Perhaps, everyone should own a machine gun.  Perhaps, people should be able to control personal drones to shoot down predators from the sky.  There is absolutely no scenario where gun violence can be curtailed by allowing for more Second Amendment freedoms, because a crazy person intent of gun violence will seek a way to work around every defense - presuming there is easy access to guns. There are already too many guns in circulation to control, but there may be a way to restrict access to ammunition by taxing it beyond affordability. 

While Americans confront yet another horrific slaughter of innocents in Newwtown Connecticut,  caused by a crazy gunman who had access to weapons, we are dealing, yet again, with what's becoming a rhetorical question about how to enforce restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

When National Rifle Association officials and Mr. Wayne Lapierre, the spokesperson Executive who speaks for the group, look themselves in the mirror, do they see the thousands of innocent victims looking back at them with pleading and inquiring eyes? They should.  Or, perhaps, like creatures of the night, the NRA and it's spokesperson don't have a reflection to view because, like vampires, they have lost touch with their humanity.  

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