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Friday, December 21, 2012

Republicans- A Political Party Has Fallen and They Can't Get Up

Rather than face centrist political reality about how to resolve the nation's debt problem, House Speaker John Boehner drove his own Congressional coalition into a chism when his caucus rejected his "Plan B" because it called for the rich to pay more in taxes.  Boehner failed to convince his own Republican caucus to vote for his wasted Plan B effort to raise taxes on the rich.

Republicans are behaving like extremists rather than political leaders. Apparantly, based upon their rejection of all reasonable offers to create a budget compromise with the White House, the GOP is no longer the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.  Instead, by rejecting any centrist resolution to the revenue/expense equation, Republicans are reinforcing their extremist political image as entrenched in right wing doctrine, rather than governing the nation.

How do Republican obstructionists process their responsibility for governance?  They've become concete thinkers with only one point of view.

As a matter of fact, concrete thinking is one among many symtoms of mental illness.  One must ask if some Republicans, the ones who won't think outside the doctrine of conservatism, might benefit from mental health counseling.  Congressman Tim Huelskamp is part of the entrenchement ideology.

Meanwhile, Republicnas are dragging their party down and it can't get up.  For them to get up, Republcians must face their governance responsibility seriously, instead of ideologically.  Otherwise, Republicans are at risk for falling off a fiscal cliff and into a political abyss.  They are sinking and they can't float.  Although political conservatism will always be an important part of the governance process, the Republcans have proven, by their failures, how they're not the political party American can rely on to help fix our nation's debt.

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