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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Memo to Wayne LaPierre - Gun Violence is Caused by "Guns!"

There's only one reason gun violence is so dangerously a part of American culture. It's because of guns. Wayne LaPierre is the spokesperson Executive for the National Rifle Association, but his Friday Dec.21st, press conference did nothing at all to acknowledge the etiology of America's gun violence problem. 

In fact, LaPierre says the answer to gun violence is "more guns". LaPierre doesn't offer any support for common sense solutions like banning assault weapons or taxing ammunition used by killing guns.
LaPierre lost the concept of cause and effect. He might as well deny the existence of gravity as claim gun violence in schools can be fixed by providing more guns. Moreover, LaPierre makes two incredulously expensive claims to follow up on the incendiary "more guns fix". First, he calls US Congress to appropriate money to provide guns in all the nation's schools. Hello? He knows this idea has zero chance in our current fiscal climate. Besides, there's no proof it would work.  Second, LaPierre boastfully supports guns be forbidden in the hands of people who are found mentally ill by a judge, in a court of law. Oh, paaaleeeze! LaPierre must know how nearly impossible it is to have a person declared mentally incompetent. Not only is it difficult to have people declared "mentally ill", but it's another expensive undertaking, albeit, probably easier than having the US Congress appropriate money for guns in schools .
Gun violence is caused by guns.  Without guns, there would be no gun violence.  Conversely, the proliferation of guns has caused a correlation in the increasing number of victims of gun violence.

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields said assault guns are not tennis rackets.

On the PBS News Hour with Judy Woodruff, Shields says: "(Assault guns...) are not sporting equipment... And they're not tennis rackets. They're not shoulder pads or baseballs. I mean, they are tools of destruction meant to do what was done (in Newtown CT) ... And, I just think, our society has failed to confront (this), and particularly our political leadership, but all of us have failed... .

Incredibly, the number of peple killed by guns has continued to grow since December 14th, when 26 innocent people were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut in a quiet elementary school, including 20 precious children.  

LaPierre knows his incendiary talk will create fear in people.  It's deliberate. Worse, there's no opportunity for reporters to challenge his sweeping assumption that more guns will solve "gun violence".

Moreover,  tracking the numbers of US violent gun deaths in real time is difficult, because NRA lobbyists created barriers to collection of this data.  Nonetheless, private data collectors have set up a page to track these deaths in real time.  

"Since this summer, the anonymous creator of the Twitter feed @GunDeaths has been doing his best to compile those statistics, tweeting every reported death he can find. He was inspired, he told us in a phone interview, by the Aurora, Colo., shootings and simply wanted to call daily attention to the toll that guns take. Now, Slate is partnering with @GunDeaths to create this interactive feature, 'Gun Deaths in America Since Newtown'."

But, the undeniable facts are that gun violence is caused entirely by guns, while the problem is growing.

Somehow, in some way, LaPierre's National Rifle Association must understand the brutal reality of guns as the cause of "gun violence", and call on elimination of assault weapons and the ammunition needed to use them. 

LaPierre is morally corrupt to call for more guns as a ludicrous solution to solving America's "gun violence" problem.

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