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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Republicans and What They Stand For

Republicans were once essential to our nation's multi-partisan democracy, but their recent extreme ideology about taxes and middle class entitlements are contrary to improving the human condition. What do Republican stand for?  As a political party, they have lost their way.  Rather than stand with middle class people, the Republicans stand "against" almost everything a majority of Americans support. In so doing, Republicans have put obstructionism ahead of patriotism.

As an American who has faith in our Democratic process, I was naive enough to believe that Republicans would acknowledge the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election where President Barack Obama won re-election. Unfortunately, rather than accept the outcome of our Democratic election, Republicans seem, instead, entrenched in their extreme ideologies. Instead of working with the outcome of the presidential election, Republicans have chosen to work against the will of the people by protecting the rich, denying the need for health care reform and looking to cut middle class programs that improve American quality of life, like Social Security and Medicare. Moreover, with the horrifically tragic news about 20 innocent children and 6 adults murdered in Newtown, Connecticut by a lone gunman, we're reminded how Republicans stand in zealous support of 2nd amendment rights as dictated by the National Rifle Association. This blind support for gun ownership, at the cost of thousands of lives lost every year to gun violence, adds yet another right wing ideology to the Republican list of principles that are contrary to American public opinion.

This is my list of what think Republicans stand for:

1.  In support of protecting the rich from paying taxes.
2.  In support of middle class paying a higher tax rate than the rich and super rich.  For example, Governor Romney paid a 14 percent tax rate while my husband and I filed at 30 percent.  Republicans seem to support this uneven formula.
3.  In support of cutting Social Security retirement benefits.
4.  In support of cutting Medicare, a reimbursement program that improves quality, access and affordability to health care for millions of senior citizens.
5.  In support of cutting Medicaid, a program millions of poor people rely on to receive health care, especially children.
6.  In support of draconian immigration laws.
7.  In support of creating daunting voter identification laws.
8.  In support of throwing the American economy into an economic abyss by holding the debt ceiling hostage to cuts in middle class programs.
9.  In support of the death penalty.
10.  In support of unbridled guns and assault weapons ownership, regardless of the thousands of lives senselessly lost to gun violence.
11. In support of cutting all foreign aid to help humanitarian efforts throughout the world.
12. In support of defense spending on expensive private contracts, at the expense of middle class entitlements.
13.  In support of cutting Pell Grants for academically qualified college students.
14.  In support of removing workers labor rights and the minimum wage.

In my opinion, Republicans stand against improving the human condition.  They stand for repealing the essence of compassion by dismantling all government programs except for those where the rich benefit.  Republicans have lost their political way.

Democrats, on the other hand, must stand firm against this insensitive public policy spiral.  

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