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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Geology Metaphor - A Leadership Fault Line

Unless political leadership erupts, beginning the day after Christmas and before December 31, all Americans can justifiably accuse the US Congress of abdicating it's responsibility to lead our nation out of another potential recession. 

We're at the brink of a "fiscal cliff", a geologic metaphor, meaning, our nation's economy is sitting on an economic fault line.  We're precariously close to a fiscal earthquake, which is about to displace and shatter our slow recovery from the last Republican caused 2008 recession. 

Let's be clear. Republicans caused our Great Recession and they're about to push us into another one. Why? Because of greed. 

Our 2008 Great Recession erupted when Republican policy led to banking deregulation, feeding massive greed by the investment sectors.  Money dried up.  Ordinary people found themselves fiscally under water and unable to pay mortgates. A shortage of money ripped the scab off of the Mydoff ponzi scheme and average Americans lost huge chunks of 401K investment money in the ensuing multi systems abyss.  A shortage of money drove businesses into bankruptecy, causing a spike in unemployment.  Although President Obama tried to resolve the Recession with massive public funds called "The Stimulus", the Republicans obstructed a good chunk of the spending, calling it wasteful.  

Nevertheless, Republicans never point out how their fiscal policies were like parasites, infecting greedy Wall Street moguls, who took advantage of innocent investors, before the 2008 stock market collapse.

Our nation's fiscal geologic metaphor is approaching a leadership fault line. Americans are bystanders, watching helplessley and incredulously, while our US Republican led Congress, paid for by tax payers, do nothing to avoid a double dip Recession.

Republicans seem intent on driving this fiscal metaphor into a tsunami, rather than resolve the problem.  

Republicans, led by Fault Line Speaker John Boehner, can avoid the impending earthquake by voting on the Democratic plan to balance deficit reduction with tax revenues.  It's that simple.

Frankly, America's Congressional leadership problem is more acute than the economic realities of doing nothing to stop a double dip Recession.  Of course, we can fix this by throwing all obstructionist Republicans out of office in 2014; but, until then, we must hold the edge of the "cliff" long enough to un-elect those who are causing stress on our nation's economic fault line.

In other words, we'll somehow have to endure the outrageous behavior of greedy Republicans, who would rather see middle class Americans pay more taxes, than to increase the rate paid by those who earn more than $250,000 a year.

Faulty leadership in the US House of Represenatives must be replaced. Otherwise, Republicans will be held responsible for driving our nation into every economic abyss in modern history - Republicans were in charge prior to The Great Depression; they were in charge prior to The Great Recession and, likewise, the Republican House Leaderhship is responsible for leading America into another avoidable earthquake.  

There's another sports metaphor about "three strikes", but this time, I believe, the third call will mark the end of the Republican party.

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