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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Call Me Crazy" LaPierre: Americans Can't Continue to Let Gun Violence Deter Reasonable Restraints

I certainly don't believe gun owners are all "crazy", but when so many of them won't accept the cause of "gun violence" as being directly related to the easy availability of "guns", then something is definitely amiss in their cranial neurotransmitters.

Gun advocates, led by the zealous National Rifle Association's "call me crazy" Wayne LaPierre, are in full court press to enforce their unbridled second amendment rights to own all the arsenals they want to buy. By assuming no responsibility for the cause and effect of the increasing gun violence in America, LaPierre and his myopic followers are claiming their Constitutional rights usurp those of innocent people, who are dying preventable deaths by the thousands, as unwilling martyrs, while second amendment rights are touted like a religious doctrine. This rationale is obviously not normal. Gun violence has increased in direct correlation to the easy availability of weapons. That's the normal way to look at the problem of cause and effect.

Nevertheless, LaPierre now pins the blame for the increasing gun violence deaths on people, he says, are mentally unbalanced, even labeling them as "lunatics". Well, LaPierre at least tries to look inward when he labels these evil doers, who kill others because they have easy access to guns. He even, allegorically, puts himself in the same category as those he labels "lunatics"!
Mental health experts recoiled at comments by NRA honcho Wayne LaPierre blaming violence on "lunatics" and "monsters" roaming the streets — and touting more guns as a form of protection The American Psychiatric Association and a number of leading researchers denounced the comments as offensive and inaccurate.

To protect ourselves from future gun violence, Americans must tackle the "call me crazy" NRA leaders at the ballot box, by voting their supporters out of office, replacing them with sane people.  

This leadership change won't happen overnight. Tragically, we're likely to see thousands more innocent people die while the reality of responsible second amendment rights are enforced. Nevertheless, President Obama's call for a national dialog on gun violence is a beginning.

"...Obama pressed lawmakers to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons, close loopholes that allow gun buyers to skirt background checks and restrict high-capacity ammunition clips."

"'The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing,' Obama said in his most detailed comments on guns since Friday's killing of 20 schoolchildren and six adults in Newtown, Conn. 'The fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence'."

Americans must risk standing up to the "call me crazy" people, but it will take political and physical courage.  

Nonetheless, this bravery is essential for us to politically push for gun and ammunition regulation, because sanity must prevail if we're to overcome the growing number of preventable deaths attributed to societal gun lunacy.

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