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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guns and Education - How Much Can Taxpayers Afford?

Tragedies like the horrific and preventable mass shootings at schools, particularly the Sandy Hook elementary children killings, have once again ruptured the scab off of the debate about gun control. Each unbelievable incident raises new circumstances to deal with because the perpetrators of these heinous crimes plot out bizarre scenarios, each one growing more incredulous than any previous. Where will it all end? 

Now, because of the growing litany of tragedies, gun zealots are saying the way to prevent these crimes is to give teachers guns. 

In my opinion, buying teachers guns so schools can be safe will improve the stock value of weapons manufacturers while putting the burden of caring for our children on the backs of property tax payers. It's a fiscally ludicrous solution to the problem of gun violence. It's like putting pressure on a hemorrhage, at some point, the cause of the bleeding must be remedied or the patient will die. Giving guns to teachers is an expensive idea and doesn't solve the problem of gun violence. As a matter of fact, who will pay for this gun zealot solution? Most of those who believe 2nd amendment rights are sacred also subscribe to conservative political views whereby they believe government is part of the problem rather than the solution to anything. 

Just check fiscal the realities of buying teachers guns.  
Schools can't afford their costs as it is:

States have made steep cuts to education funding since the start of the recession and, in many states, those cuts deepened over the last year. Elementary and high schools are receiving less state funding in the 2012-13 school year than they did last year in 26 states, and in 35 states school funding now stands below 2008 levels — often far below.

If gun zealots think putting guns in the hands of teachers will solve the horrible problem of school shootings, than they are the ones who should foot this bill.  Otherwise, let's put an end to gun violence in a fiscally and morally responsible way by creating bans on private ownership of assault weapons and taxing ammunition so it becomes a luxury, except when used at a firing range.  

Putting more lethal weapons into the public domain to solve this problem will only create more expenses for communities to pay for, without fixing the root cause of the gun violence problem.

Moreover, teachers will become armed guards rather than mentors for our children.  Guns and education should not take precedence over the teacher-pupil relationship.  

But, if giving teachers guns is what the gun zealots want, then they are the people who should pay for this outrageous and unproven intervention.  

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